Teen Beach Movie Dance Cover

Another day, another dance blog! WAY back in 2013 when Teen Beach movie was coming out on Disney Channel I told my brother it looked dumb and I wasn’t going to watch it. He proceeded to record it, watch it, and then play the songs he liked over and over, which of course got me to watch it because now that I had heard the songs I needed too. 


Fast forward 7 years and here we are attempting to recreate ‘Can’t Stop Singing’ (our favorite song from the movie) pretending that our scenery is in fact the beach. 

We have done a few dance covers before this one (Check them out on my instagram!) but this for sure took the longest to learn. We have been working on it for about a month.

The tap dancing section is what really threw us for a loop. I have tapped before… when I was 3… so it has been a little while since I learned this skill. Attempting to ‘learn’ this part took many hours and a lot of hysterical laughing when we failed miserably. So please be kind when you watch, we are in no way claiming to be professionals. Continue reading

May Favorites | Thoughts & Daisies

Come what May, Favorites

Come What May Favorites |Thoughts&Daisies

Things to wear, things to listen to, and more. It is time for monthly favorites for the month of MAY! There are some GREAT things on the list so let’s jump in.


Livho Blue Light Glasses 

I have shared blue light glasses before and I am doing it again. When quarantine started and I was disappointed my pair was trapped at school in Ohio I knew I wanted another pair. I grabbed mine from Livho on Amazon and I really do love them. They help me with eyestrain and keeping away headaches from staring at my screen. 

Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses for Women Men,TR90 Light Weight Frame Anti Eyestrain UV Lens LI5025 (Matte Black+Tortoise) Continue reading

A Perfect Ireland Train Trip to Take- Explore Cork and Cobh


A PERFECT Ireland Train Trip to Take |Thoughts&Daisies

Welcome back to another post in the Ireland Diaries. If you’ve missed the others you can find them HERE.

Getting to go on a train trip was one of the things I was most excited to do when I went to Ireland. I told my grandpa that he could choose whichever trip he wanted as long as there was a castle to see. The trip we chose went from the Heuston Station in Dublin to Cork, then a van ride up to Cobh, and a train ride back. It takes about 3 hours by train to get from Dublin to Cork and the ride there didn’t seem as long as I expected. Though it may have been because I dozed part of the way.

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