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Getting Styled by a Fashion Student- Part 2

You all loved my first “My Fashion Student Friend styles me for a week” post so much that we knew we had to do a part two!

Where last time she styled me for a week of going to class this week we wanted to create outfits based on events or themes. It was so fun to have a reason to dress up and get out of my same rotation of sweats.

You can read the first post Here

Sunday: Museum Painting

The Inspo: By Jules-Cyrille Cavé

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Fashion Student Picks my Outifts for a Week

For the blog this week I thought it would be fun to do a challenge. Way back in my sophomore year of High School this same friend wanted to dress me for a week. (I swear it was the week I got a compliment on my outfit every single day. Since I was wearing something other than a tee, flannel, or sweatshirt with my jeans.) Fast forward about 6 years and she is now a fashion student. So I thought it would be fun to have her try and dress me for a week again!

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I tried Thredup, Here is what you need to know!

5 Reasons you NEED to Check Out Thredup! + a Haul

Is Thredup worthHello Hello! I have been so excited to get this post up! I enjoy shopping for those perfect additions to my wardrobe as much as the next person but I have really been trying to only get things that I know I will use for the long haul AND trying to limit my fast fashion consumption. This is where Thredup comes in.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post I really do just love what I got from there and recommend the site, but… if Thredup wants to sponsor me I would be okay with that.

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Spring Dresses I Love

Spring is HERE! At least that’s what it looks like today anyway. For the first time since the start of 2019, I’m sitting outside writing this blog post. It could be warmer but I will take what I can get if I can actually sit outside without needing 12 layers. Now that the weather looks like it has taken a turn for the better I am getting excited to start wearing dresses.

With the weather getting warmer stores are putting their new looks up on their websites and I have been having a great time online window shopping. Here are some of the gorgeous pieces I have found so far that I would love to add to my spring wardrobe!


This smocked button down dress from Aerie is perfect to just throw on for a perfect spring day and I think it would be perfect for a day spent in San Diego or just down by the beach. It is flowy and I love the button detailing. I am a sucker for buttons.

Shop this dress >Aerie Smocked Dress<


This dress from HM looks gorgeous The polka dots againsts this red dress really sells it for me. Polka dots are so cute and make me think of spring. I can see me wearing this with my straw hat and white converse.

Shop >Polka Dot Dress<

I don’t tend to wear outfits that have print on them but this lavender dress from Urban Outfitters would totally be an exception. I love the color, purple is my favaorite, and the flowers on the dress aren’t too overwhelming and once again there are BUTTONS. This would be a perfect dress for all those days you get up not wanting to try and put an outfit together. 

Shop >Lavender Dress<


This dress is from a shop called Christy Dawn that I found one day on Instagram. All of their dresses are gorgeous but they are on the pricier side so at the moment not something feasible on my college student budget but I can dream can’t I? This is the Daisy Dress and that alone almost just sells the dress for me. Imagine a daisy dress on thoughts and daisies, SO CUTE! I love the flowy sleeves of this dress and the slightly high low portion of the bottom and even more buttons. I don’t know how it could be more perfect.

Shop >The Daisy Dress<


This dress is also from Christy Dawn called the Jane Dress and it is the first dress I ever saw from this company that I fell in love with. I just want to have it, put my hair in a braid with that ribbon and go frolicking in a flower field, anyone else? The sleeves are the perfect length and the cutout on the back is such a cute detail. Not to mention IT HAS POCKETS. This midi dress is everything I could ever wish for in a dress and then you add buttons all the way down the back and it is pretty much my dream dress. It has that simplicity with a bit of flair and I just wish it was in my closet right this minute.

Shop >The Jane Dress<


This last dress is from Target and can I just say Target has been stepping up their game in the clothing section the last few years. Pretty much every swimsuit I have is from here and now they are adding a lot more cute pieces to their collection and I am pleased.  I love this dress because it is totally something that can be dressed up or dressed down. Everyone needs a good black dress in their closet and this one is great. It has, surprise surprise, buttons the fitted bodice and flowy skirt add a feminine touch but I could totally see myself wearing this with some doc martens for a bit of an edgier feel.

Shop >Black Midi Dress<

If you couldn’t tell I have been really into the look of midi dresses.

Do you have a favorite style of dress for the spring?

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Spring Dresses I Love |Thoughts & Daisies
Spring Dresses I Love |Thoughts & Daisies
Spring Dresses I Love |Thoughts & Daisies
Spring Dresses I Love |Thoughts & Daisies

3 Perfect Everyday Comfy Outfits for School

School is five days a week and when you spend up to 10 hours a day going to classes and extracurricular activities you want to be comfy. I know one of the things I hate most is sitting in a class and starting to feel uncomfortable in what I am wearing. It takes all your focus and at that point, you don’t want to be in class and you most certainly don’t want to be sitting there in your uncomfortable clothes. So today I am going to share with you 3 perfect everyday outfits for school that are sure to keep you stylish, but most importantly COMFORTABLE.

I will link my pieces down below!

A Tee Shirt and Jeans

Tee and JeansThere is nothing better than the good ole tee shirt and jeans. Cute, casual and oh so comfy. This combination is a win every time, and it is incredibly versatile. Any tee will work; a graphic tee, oversized, or just your favorite plain tee. Not to mention that same shirt can be worn different ways to change up the look. Try it tucked in, tied, or leave it loose to accent your comfort. Pair it with a jacket, flannel or cardigan, plus your favorite pair of shoes and you are all set to go. My go to is always my trusty Converse, but you could always pair it with booties or heels for a more put together look too. The shirt I’m wearing is from American Eagle. It is super soft and one of my favorite tees. Continue reading