RED At a Glance

RED (Taylor’s Version) or RED 2.0 or I have been calling it, came out today. I thought I would write my first impressions review as there is no way for me to have a full opinion of the album as a whole until I have listened to it a bazillion times for like a week straight. 

Before we get into it, the background context on my relationship to RED 1.0. 

It is my favorite Taylor Swift album. For sure the one I have listened to the most. The one with my favorite Taylor Swift song. It was also the album of which I went to my very first concert right at the start of my freshman year of high school. I have distinct moments attached to songs from when it came out my 8th-grade year. Thus, I am sure I will have a lot to say as the album is very near and dear to my heart. So here we go, a non-comprehensive first impressions reaction review, as I listen to the rerecorded songs for the first time.

Songs I Listened to First:

Here are the first 5 songs I listened to in the order I listened to them. In between each one I then listened to the original version for comparison.

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5 MUST DO Tahoe Summer Experiences

Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places. I have been going up there since I was 2. My grandparents have a house and I would always go spend up to 3 weeks with them in the summer, doing swim lessons, being on the lake, and winning library reading contests. 

Did you know Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the U.S? It has a ton of cool history and was even frequented by Frank Sinatra. 

The lake goes across the California and Nevada border so it’s easy to spend the day going back and forth between states depending on what adventures you are having.

There are apparently a ton of cool trails for hiking but as I am not at all a hiker, I have compiled a list of fun things to do that do NOT involve hiking.

Nevada Side

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Florida Fun- to do’s for the whole family

Florida is always talked about as the spring break destination for college students. While I never did go on a Florida Spring Break trip, my college roomie and I thought it would be the perfect graduation getaway. 

After not getting to graduate together we had to have our graduation getaway, especially because without college we won’t see each other as much since we live on opposite sides of the country. 🙁

The first thing we need to discuss is the beach. Whenever I thought of Florida I always imagined super bright sun and white sandy beaches. For it being my first time in Florida it did not disappoint. 

White. Sandy. Beach.

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The Practical Summer Things List

The Month of July is THE summer month. It is the month where everything you wanted to do over the summer is planned to get done. The days are super long and basically every day is sunny and hot. The month where every day can be spent in the water. I like July. 

This summer I am trying to add even small fun new things into my days. Even if that is something as small as running to grab an ice cream just cuz or planning an extra game night. 

Let’s live for all the little moments this summer!

The Things To Do:

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