Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, The Sequel


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles the sequel. A movie about a girl, her grandparents, and a global pandemic shutting down international transportation just at the end of the girls first trip abroad.

Here is the plot twist. It isn’t a movie. It is real life. I am that girl. Those are my grandparents, and that was my trip. 

To get the full experience we must travel back to last summer where a bright young girl with big lifelong dreams to visit her cousins in Ireland for the first time yet again asks her mother to take her. Only to hear the same answer she has heard her whole life, the bridge is not yet built. As that bridge is never going to be built I resorted to plan Y but this time with a twist. I asked if I could convince my grandpa to go with me if I could go.  Mom, as usual, agreed knowing that my attempts were usually feeble. But not this time. Oh no. I had a new ace up my sleeve this time. So the next day off I set, over the river and through the woods to the grandparents house I went.

“So Grandpa…” I said.

“Want to take your new hip on a trip?”

And the funniest thing happened.

It worked.

Fast forward 8 months and a week and there we were at the airport, at 4am after taking the train from Sligo to Dublin the day before, it’s the end of our trip and we are just trying to make it back to the United States.

The plan originally had been that at the end of my spring break week I would head back to dreary Ohio for college and my grandparents would jet off to the second half of their trip to Scotland. But as we know from the movie synopsis, that was not how this story would go.


Instead the global pandemic would cancel trips, cancel school, and generally screw up any short of plan we had. Now I was leaving my life behind in that tiny dorm room in Ohio and catching a connection home to California until school started again in a month (spoiler alert that doesn’t happen either, but that plot line is for the next movie).

So the airport journey went as one would expect it to go in a movie where everything goes wrong. We went through security where TSA precheck does not exist so hello taking off your shoes, jackets, and belt. Be sure to pull out all of your electronics bigger than a phone and do NOT leave your liquids in your bag either.

There I am getting through and I look back… to see struggle.


My grandpa is going through the machine for his 3rd time and he is still beeping. “It’s the hip,” we say. But the side beeping is the OTHER hip. Why? We don’t know. So he is getting patted down. The security guy is asking me if this big they are pulling out for a security check is mine. It’s my grandma’s. She had to throw out some liquids, she left her Ipad in there, it must all go through the scanner again. Then the guy pulls her jacket off the line to inspect. 

And this is only the first security checkpoint in Dublin.

The real problem was everybody and their cousin was also trying to get back home from Ireland and US Pre clearance there just could not compute with them all. As we are waiting to go through the more TSA-like point before the extra line of customs I find myself standing behind a kid who looks familiar. But how could I know any one in the customs line in Ireland. 

“Is that a *insert name of my school* hat?” The kid asks my grandpa. 

Because of course someone I have only seen a few times from a far on campus happens to be waiting in the same line, to get on the same flight to Boston as me. That is just how the script goes. 

Fast forward 30 minutes and we have somehow skipped the line at customs because of some pass my grandpa has and we are boarding the plane. I wave bye to my grandparents as I take my row alone and they go to find their seats. (Remember they were not supposed to be coming home with me, so we are lucky they got last minute tickets on this flight.) I start a movie, I snapchat my Irish cousins to tell them we made the plane. And then it all goes haywire.

The plane looks mostly empty still. The time to take off has come. The captain comes on speaker. We are delayed 45 minutes. I snapchat my cousins.

spongebob squarepants rock bottom | Spongebob, Favorite character ...

45 minutes later I am halfway done with my first movie, the plane is still empty, we are delayed another 30 minutes. Two hours past our departure time comes. I am on my second movie, the captain says it may be another hour, my cousins are ready to drive and just take me back with them.

Fast forward 3 more hours… and we are still on the tarmac in Dublin. My connection is in 2 hours and the flight takes 7; I am on my 4th movie. After a delay of over 5 hours, about 8 movies, and a 7 hour flight. We make it to Boston, after missing both our connecting flights and have to be put up in the hotel for the night. We have no luggage except my grandpa’s carry on and all I want is deodorant, a shower, and sleep. 

So we go to bed at 9 o’clock, 3,000 miles from our planned destination, in the same clothes we arrived in, except for my grandpa who apparently had his pajamas in his carry on. 


*Beep Beep* The alarm goes off at 2:45 in the morning. Our flight is at 6. We are at the airport hotel. I sleep walk back to the airport check in. TSA doesn’t open until 4. 

At this point you must be thinking. Well now they just have to get through security and get on a plane and it will be fine right? Nothing else can happen? 

But remember folks, this is a movie. It doesn’t work like that. 

So we get in line for TSA. My 80 year old grandpa who has a new hip is taking off his shoes, we are putting our coats on the conveyor belt. I got expedited since I’m sure I looked like a hobo and the security man felt sorry for me so I got through no problem. And then I hear the beeping.

My grandpa is being patted down since, once again, the hip that isn’t even metal is beeping. Then there is more beeping. Now my grandma is being patted down. It is 4 in the morning. I could cry from the absurdness of it all. My grandpa still has to get his shoes on and I still just want a shower and sleep. I purchased deodorant. We get on the plane and I sleep the whole way there.

We get to Minnesota since why would there ever just be a direct flight to San Diego. Our plane is boarding… at another terminal. The thought crosses my mind, for just a moment, whether to ditch my grandparents because I just want to be home and I don’t think we all can walk that far in time. 

But this is the climax of the movie where things finally go right. 

There, I swear it was under a beautiful spotlight, is one of the guys with the security golf carts who must have seen the sad sight of us and knew we needed help.

“Need a lift?”


We are whizzing through the airport to the other terminal. I am snapchatting the occasion to my Irish cousins because we are all invested at this point. We get to the gate, we get on that plane before it leaves, and I watch another 2 and a half movies on the flight to San Diego.

The resolution of the movie has come. So our bags come out within 5 minutes of us getting to baggage, my mom is there to pick us up, we go home. And I get my shower.

The End.

Despite our harrowing adventure getting home, my trip was awesome, and I will be recounting my epic adventures in some more blog posts later this week. So stay tuned. If you want to read my blog post, the original Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, you can find that HERE.

If you haven’t seen the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles I encourage you to take the time to watch it during your self-isolating since what else are you going to do, and it is a fantastic movie.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know your travel adventures in the comments below!

Until next time.

Stay safe, stay home, and wash your hands.

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Bop to the Top

At this crazy time we are in, what the world needs is a little more fun and laughter. Even if it has to be through a screen while we all social distance. So obviously the next in the brother sister dance duos series had to be something fun which leads us too…

Sharpay and Ryan Evans “Bop to the Top!”  from High School Musical

Image result for bop to the top

I have always loved the High School Musical series ever since it came out and once my brother was old enough to pay attention, I made him watch it too. Whatever I did he had to do too, even if he didn’t want to. That is just the way it works.

The older I get the more I realize how great all of Sharpay and Ryan’s songs are and naturally I had to choose one of them to bring back the dancing series. I used to do karaoke to all of the High School Musical songs when I was little and me and my friends would dance around trying to reenact the scenes. 

Plus when the dance-alongs played on Disney Channel I would record them so I could spend hours practicing all of the dances until I could follow along while the movie played. So basically I have been preparing for this moment my whole life.

It took us about 3 days to learn all of the moves and another day to add the element of the ‘ladder’ and wear ‘costumes.’ I am really surprised we got it down so quickly! I guess that is what happens when you are having fun. The hardest part of this dance was trying to get the timing when all of the spinning gets really fast. Not sure we would win an award for our actual dancing but for two people who don’t dance I think we rocked it. 

Another great thing about doing this number is that it was the perfect excuse to pull out my senior year prom dress. I was going to wear my prom heels except I was sure trying to dance in those would have ended badly. 

My brother is a great sport for playing along on my craziness, especially by actually dressing up for it, and dealing with me making him drill the number over and over.

So if you want to see the video of us doing the dance be sure to check out my Instagram by clicking the link below and follow me @thoughtsanddaisies 

Let me know what other dances you want to see us try!

Click HERE to read about the last dance we did.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Home

Until next time 🙂

xo Alexandra Eileen

Enjoy more photos from our dance and see why I call these the “photos that totally show Alexandra is an actor”

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Let’s Chat February Favorites

Let's Chat: February Favorites |Thoughts&Daisies

The end of February has come, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to talk about. The beginning of March brings midterms so I’m spending time getting studying done and chilling around my dorm and dreaming of California because it is MUCH too cold to be outdoors.

(I’m looking at you groundhog and your lies of early spring)


For the end of February, I thought I would talk about my February Favorites that I think everyone should know about.

*Disclaimer: Nothing on this post is sponsored I really do just love all of it*

Winter Converse

Winter Chuck Taylor All Star Velvet Brown/White/Black

People who know me know I am a Converse girl. My go-to shoes are a pair of my high top Converse. I even wore Converse to my junior prom. The problem once I got to Ohio was that canvas shoes are not ideal for the winter conditions, and just when I thought all hope was lost I found the best thing. High tops that can survive the weather. They are made of leather, not canvas, and inspired by hiking boots. They’ve got fleece lining to keep your feeties toasty and a sole with extra traction. I know I sound like an ad but these shoes are just perfect if you want to wear sneakers in the winter I totally recommend them.

Shop them here

Songbirds by Ben Thornewill

I found this song accidentally a few weeks ago from the ‘recommended for you’ list on Spotify. I have been playing it nonstop since. The piano part is absolutely beautiful and I am so mad that there is no sheet music for me to learn it.  Do yourself a favor and listen to it.

Starbucks Order- Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade

I am much more of a tea person than a coffee person. You can flavor tea and have it taste like that flavor where coffee no matter what you do it will always have that lingering coffee taste. My go-to drink lately has been the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. You can order it without the added lemonade but I add it because when I drink it I can almost pretend that it is summer instead of 20 degrees outside. 

Que water bottle 


This is my new favorite thing. I have a problem with drinking enough water and this bottle makes it almost fun to drink water. It is perfect to take wherever you go because it squishes down when you are done with it. It comes in different sizes and colors and totally worth it as a travel bottle. 

Shop the Que Bottle 

Blue Light Glasses from Livho 

I jumped on the blue light glasses bandwagon and I am here to stay. I spend a lot of time on my laptop doing homework and studying and I was starting to get headaches from it. Some of my favorite people I follow on Instagram have the cutest glasses from this brand and knew I wanted some too. I linked the frames I bought below. They have them in all different colors, I got the light pink and they are SO cute.


Take a look at the glasses on amazon   

Uggs Earmuff Headphones

Last but not least, the Uggs Earmuff Headphones. In the dead of winter with 20 mph winds and a 10-degree wind chill, these are a lifesaver. My ears stay warm AND I can listen to music as I walk to class. It is seriously one of my favorite things. I can not recommend them enough.

UGG Women's Classic Tech Earmuff 1

Shop the earmuffs

What have you been loving this February?


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How to Survive getting up for 8am Classes

How to Survive 8am Classes |Thoughts&Daisies

For those of us who are not morning people 8ams SUCK. Good for you if you are one of those weird cheerful people who love to get up before everyone and start their day but most of us, especially college students, are not big fans of taking classes at 8am. I have found for myself that I can do 9am with little grumpiness but 8ams are where I fall.


It is not my class time of choice but sometimes (like this semester for me) you just can’t get around it. I have 8ams every day of the week *cries* and it has required a new level of planning for me to be able to get up and go every day. It doesn’t always work, nothing ever does, but here are some ways I’ve found to make getting up and going to class early just a little less dreadful.

Try to pick interesting classes

If there is any way you can schedule classes you won’t despise going to at 8 o’clock in the morning, do it. There is nothing worse than having to get up early for a class you could care less about.

Set a bedtime… and stick to it

This is one of the hardest things to do, especially in college when the day to day is variable based on activities and homework and outings. But I have found it is much easier to get up early if I have been going to bed around the same time every night. I try to get to bed between 11 and 11:30 every day and even when it doesn’t work it helps to have the goal. 

Make a bedtime that works best for you. Try looking at a sleep calculator like the one I have linked below to help see what is the best times for you to go to sleep to get enough REM cycles before you have to wake up. It makes a big difference in how rested you feel.

Create a morning schedule

Creating a morning schedule will help your body begin to form a habit. I have things I do every morning and because it has become a habit I can basically go through it still half asleep. Which is great when I am still exhausted but have to get to class. 

Start by making a list of everything you have to do between getting up and leaving for class. Then add anything else you want to try and get done in that time. Eating a specific breakfast, doing stretches, taking some time to read, etc. It helps to throw in something to look forward to every morning to get you motivated. Especially on those days when all you want to do is sleep.

Drink water before you drink coffee

Hydration is important and by starting off your day with a glass of water you help to wake up your senses and get your body systems started right. Then grab your coffee in a to-go cup to have on your way or during class.

Don’t reach for your phone

It is the most tempting thing to do when you wake up, but scrolling first thing in the morning isn’t helping anyone. Get up, get ready, and if you still have time then take 5 minutes to check your phone before class. 

Try not to snooze

Early morning’s worst habit is hitting the snooze button. If you start to fall asleep right after you wake up, only to be startled awake by your alarm 8 minutes later you are going to feel more groggy. So don’t do it or if you must…

Snooze with purpose.

If you must snooze, set your alarm early enough to not be rushing after you press it. Plus don’t actually go back to sleep when you hit it if you don’t want to be groggy. Keep your mind moving to avoid falling asleep and take the snooze time to help yourself wake up slowly. 

Get everything ready the night before

This is probably the biggest thing I can recommend to help with surviving 8ams. Once I started getting my stuff together and setting out clothes the night before the quicker my morning schedule went because I wasn’t rushing around trying to find my left shoe or where I put my notebook. It is also perfect for the days you find yourself snoozing one too many times and have barely enough time to get up and get out the door. 

Make a happy morning playlist

Create a playlist of whatever it is that is going to help start your day off in a good mood. For me, that is a playlist filled with calm, soft songs that aren’t too overstimulating.

Have you had to take 8am classes and do you actually enjoy getting up early? Comment below and tell me about your 8am class stories and what you do to get yourself up in the morning. 

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How to Survive 8am Classes |Thoughts&Daisies


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Food you Should Always Have in your Dorm

Food You Should Always Have in Your Dorm Room |Thoughts&Daisies

From my own personal experience, you don’t notice how much you snack until you go away to college and no longer have your home kitchen to grab food. I find I am most hungry for something to snack on between classes and once I get home from late-night rehearsals, and because of this, I like to make sure my dorm is stocked.  If you are like me and enjoy snacking here is my take on important food items to keep in your dorm.  Continue reading

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