Why you need to GOGH to this exhibit!

The Beyond Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is an exhibit that is currently happening around the country. The exhibit’s purpose is to show the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh in a way never experienced before.  With the use of projection and original scoring, you can view 300 of Van Gogh’s art as though you are in the paintings. 

My uncle bought us tickets for my birthday last year, but it didn’t come to San Diego until this month. I thought it was worth the wait. 

You begin in a room filled with projected information depicting Van Gogh’s life and includes quotes and empty frames creating the walkways. They are also a fun photo opportunity. 

Then the best part and the reason to go: the Projection Room. 

30k square feet of the immersive experience of his work. As the videos change the artwork grows, ensuring smooth transitioning and propels you from piece to piece. The projectors are set up to encompass you from floor to ceiling. So works like “Starry Night” make you feel like you stepped right into the painting.  Small animations bring each piece to life. The flow of water, the twinkle of the stars, and floating in the wind cherry blossom petals. 

You may even find the mass of self-portraits looking right back at you.

Did he just blink?

The projections include storylike quotes accompanying the paintings and a moment where the simple sketches get colored in.

For art lovers and art critics alike. Everyone will find something that catches their eye. I highly recommend going if you get the chance. 

Plus as a bonus, the photos you take will look awesome *wink*

Let me know if you go and we can chat about it!

There is even a Spotify playlist for the score

San Diego Ticket Info- running through the first week of March


See if it is happening in a city near you!

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