Tahoe Times

Summers spent in Lake Tahoe have always been some of my favorite memories. I got to go up with my family last week for a few days and spend some time with my grandparents. I am always quick to recommend checking out South Lake Tahoe because there is so much to do. There are always certain non-negotiable items on the to-do list but this year we tried some new things too!

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Follow My Fork Birthday Adventure

In honor of my Tio’s birthday this week, I thought it would be a perfect day to discuss the latest San Diego Follow My Fork day!  If you are new to the blog, my uncle runs an Instagram account called Follow.My.Fork (which you can find here) where he posts all about the really yummy food he eats, mostly around his home in San Diego. He always takes me and my brother on food outings and this last one was my belated birthday gift.

We always do at least a 3-course outing and this was no exception.  I will have links below to the places we went!

I told him I was craving some ramen, so our first stop was to Menya Ultra to get some authentic ramen. I got the Tonkotsu with an extra egg, butter and added corn. SO good, it was an overcast day but the ramen warmed me right up. I also stole a bite of the braised pork from my uncle’s plate, it is the restaurant’s limited add ons so you can only have 2 orders per table and once it is gone it’s gone. If you want to get it out you have to get there early because people start putting their names in before the restaurant even opens.

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Why you should Gogh to this Exhibit

The Beyond Van Gogh: Immersive Experience is an exhibit that is currently happening around the country. The exhibit’s purpose is to show the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh in a way never experienced before.  With the use of projection and original scoring, you can view 300 of Van Gogh’s art as though you are in the paintings. 

My uncle bought us tickets for my birthday last year, but it didn’t come to San Diego until this month. I thought it was worth the wait. 

You begin in a room filled with projected information depicting Van Gogh’s life and includes quotes as well as empty frames creating the walkways. They are also a fun photo opportunity. 

Then the best part and the reason to go: the Projection Room. 

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2021 in BOOKS- 50 in 52 Challenge Results

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe I am already writing the wrap up of all the books I read in 2021. If you read my first post last year “50 books in 52 weeks,” then you know I had a goal to read 50 books with at least 40 of them being new books (since I always just reread a ton of books every year).

In Total for 2021 I read

Total Books- 55

9 Rereads     –     46 New Books

* Indicates reread

5 more than my goal and actually succeeded with reading way more new books than rereads this year, which I am pleasantly surprised with.

I think that 55 books may be a tad bit too many to write a review on each one individually. Can you imagine how long that post would be?? So instead I am going to give you a list of everything I read each month with their ratings, and choose one from each month to write a short review on. 

I hope this gives you some ideas of books you can add to your own reading list for the new year!

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RED At a Glance

RED (Taylor’s Version) or RED 2.0 or I have been calling it, came out today. I thought I would write my first impressions review as there is no way for me to have a full opinion of the album as a whole until I have listened to it a bazillion times for like a week straight. 

Before we get into it, the background context on my relationship to RED 1.0. 

It is my favorite Taylor Swift album. For sure the one I have listened to the most. The one with my favorite Taylor Swift song. It was also the album of which I went to my very first concert right at the start of my freshman year of high school. I have distinct moments attached to songs from when it came out my 8th-grade year. Thus, I am sure I will have a lot to say as the album is very near and dear to my heart. So here we go, a non-comprehensive first impressions reaction review, as I listen to the rerecorded songs for the first time.

Songs I Listened to First:

Here are the first 5 songs I listened to in the order I listened to them. In between each one I then listened to the original version for comparison.

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