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Hello Friends! I’m Alexandra Eileen, the author, and mastermind behind Thoughts and Daisies.

Welcome to the blog 🙂

Thoughts and Daisies was born on a rainy winter night my freshman year of college when I was struggling to figure out how to do college and still be a social human being so I began to write about it all. I have since graduated and Thoughts and Daisies has grown into a diary of creative content while sharing what I am learning about navigating life as an adult.

As someone who majored in Theatre my whole life has revolved around creating things and it is a big aspect of what I bring to the blog. Whether that be in fashion, videos, or adding a creative spin in book reviews. Graduating in a pandemic has brought a whole new meaning to living creatively because it has required me to be courageous in ways I never thought I would need to.

I hope to share with you content that helps you learn how to live a life full of creativity and courage.

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