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Hi! I’m Alexandra, the author, and mastermind behind Thoughts and Daisies.

I was born in Las Vegas, moved to California when I was 6, and am now going to college in Ohio. Which is definitely a jump, weather-wise and proximity from the West Coastwise.

Thoughts and Daisies was born on a bitterly cold, rainy afternoon in Ohio while I was on the phone with my mom about college and trying to learn how to ‘adult’ in this crazy world.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What are you going to College for?

I am majoring in Acting and Directing and minoring in Music. Although, there are days when I wonder why. Then I remember that my backup option was something in physics and am happy to stay where I am.

What are a few things that describe you?

In simple terms: Bookworm, Curly haired (A friend used to call me curly fries because of it), Theater nerd, a Disney lover, and Pinterest Obsessed.

How do you know which college to choose?

I am glad you asked. I actually wrote a post about it, but a big thing is to go where you feel most at home. Even though it seems complicated you really will know when a college is right for you.


Contact: thoughtsanddaisies@yahoo.com

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