Monthly Favs- February 2024

An extra day in February gives me the extra wiggle room to help get a blog post out without feeling last minute. Phew. This month went by so fast. I blinked and now I have to change my classroom bulletin boards. (The worst moment of the month, yuck)

While it was a bit crazy I also got to spend a week with a college friend who I haven’t seen in almost two years so it was awesome! Yay to February break. Here are some of my favs from the month!

Catching up with friends is the best. Especially when you can go from exploring California to spending a rainy day binging movies. A girl’s week can never be complete without a Pride and Prejudice watch, and now I want to binge the BBC version too. 

I LOVED Avatar the Last Airbender when it first came out and even binged it again with my college roommate when we were Freshmen. I have only watched the first episode, but it has promise. I think the casting is overall well done, Appa is cute and fluffy, and the actor who plays Aang does great at portraying his youthful innocence. We will see how the rest of the season holds up.

I had an amazing time at the Beyond VanGogh a couple of years ago (check that out HERE) and decided to go to the Monet one during my girl’s trip. It was lovely but I did think the VanGogh one felt much more immersive. As though there was nothing else outside of that. You were really in the paintings. The colors, movement, and especially the soundtrack were lackluster for me on this one. Especially because I love Monet’s paintings. The Water Lily paintings were the most well-done section. I thought it could have been better but was still a lot of fun.

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I don’t drink coffee and don’t always like to have caffeinated tea, so adrenal cocktails it is! I have been having them almost every morning in my to-go mug for work. It takes me most of the day to drink it, which I think defeats the point, but it is super refreshing. You can find a ton of different recipes.

 I take it super pure, ½ cup of orange juice, 1 cup of coconut water, and a good pinch of Himalayan salt. Great to help with the mid-day slump.

Lent is barely getting off the ground, so I highly recommend jumping in on this.

“And the greatest grace God can give such a man is to send him a trial he cannot bear with his own powers—and then sustain him with his grace so he may endure to the end and be saved.”

Fr. Walter Cizek

I am looking for some new shows to watch. Let me know some of your favorites that I should check out! Until next month, what are some of your February Favorites?

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  1. Steve Buscemi

    I will have to check out the new Avatar. I’m currently not watching any new shows so unfortunately can’t give any advice on some to watch.

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