Monthly Favorites- January 2024

And just like that month 1 of 2024 is gone. A whirlwind of a month jumping back into another semester of teaching, the end of the holidays, and lots of SoCal rainy days. Let’s just say the first week after break having no outside time is NOT conducive to calm, attentive classroom behavior. Ha. 

A new series I am adding this year is Monthly Favorites! (Thanks Melissa for the recommendation *waves*) Anything from random things I’ve bought that month to interesting trends on Social Media can be discussed. So tune in every month for something new! 

My mom and I are Obsessed! She got me into it last year when it began, I was skeptical because I have yet to like a weekly series on Hallmark but this is IT! The storyline follows Kat and Alice Landry, mom and daughter, who have returned to Kat’s childhood home. The disappearance of Kat’s younger brother Jacob, age 8, and the loss of her father in an accident. Reconciling with family, mystery, and a lake with Time Travel.  Can they uncover the truth of what happened?

Season 2 has just begun and having to wait for new episodes weekly is so hard!

“No es para tanto, sí es para tanto Todos son el espanto”

After an exhausting week, I wanted to watch something new. And proceeded to finish it in 2 days. 16 episodes total, it was an easy binge. Tierra Incognita is an Argentinian horror teen mystery. An abandoned horror theme park, the disappearance of parents, and a mythological monster. The ending was wrapped up nicely (with a potential plot for a third season) though it was a bit lackluster. I enjoyed it overall. Heads up, season 2 is only in Spanish. 

Surprise. There is a puppy.

January 1st on a whim we welcomed a 6-month English Cream Golden Retriever into our home. (How my mom agreed we are all still unsure)

His name is Fulton, he wants to be loved and nap. That is all. It has taken a few weeks of forcing, but he’s now willingly (and I think happily) going on walks with me when I get home from work. I wanted to get outside more often this year and his needing to get out and have some exercise is very helpful with that. Now… to get him not to try and EAT everything on the walk is the next obstacle. 

As discussed in my 2023 Wrap-Up, I have been forced to learn to make things for myself. Baking has been the hardest because there was so much I couldn’t add, but THIS pumpkin muffin recipe I tried recently was delicious! The first one I’ve made that didn’t come out gummy and stiff. It was soft and yummy! I turned it into a loaf but will try a muffin shape next time. 

Lent is coming. 

“Our life is a short time in expectation, a time in which sadness and joy kiss each other at every moment.”

– Henri Nouwen

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  1. Nancy

    Fulton seems like a charmer and fun walking companion. I enjoy the variety of your blog. Keep it going…

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