Autumn Comes Too Soon

August comes to a close and with it, Nora Ephron season is upon us, aka Autumn. The end of a season demands a recap and if you are like me and love to learn new places to check out, look no further. Here are some of my favorite places in California I visited this summer, and which ones you should totally check out too!

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Reading through 2023: part 1

The goal: 50 books read

Status: 29 read

The past two years have not been great years in books for me. There hasn’t been anything I have been ecstatic about, and my desire to read has been dwindling. I am pushing through and hoping that I find some amazing books during the rest of this year.

To help me try some new books I have been trying to give each month a Genre to go off of.

A few so far have been really fun reads, here is how I’ve felt about them.


Genre: Classics

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Welcome to Downton

Or as close to it as you can get in Southern California, which is apparently in Pasadena.

“Life is a game, where the player must appear ridiculous.” – Violet Crawley

I turned 24 this weekend. A very strange feeling as I told my cousin, I still feel like it was just yesterday we were playing Hide the Wii remotes on my 13th birthday but here we are. My mother likes to say I have Peter Pan syndrome so the past few years of birthdays realizing I am, in fact, growing up have been very bittersweet. Because I adore my birthday. I do birthday weekends, birthday weeks, and birthday months, but this year the idea of getting older felt icky so I spent the month sulking. (Cuz yes there was a reason my degree in ‘drama’ aka Theatre is fitting. HA) 

So my loving roommates (my parents 😛) took it upon themselves to make my birthday great. 

They did what they had to do… Take me to Downton. 

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January Book Reviews

A new year has begun and so has my yearly Book Challenges. I am renewing my goal of 50 books this year. I’ve felt that I’ve been spending so much time doing unnecessary things like watching youtube and scrolling when I could be reading so I’m back on 50 in 52 weeks! 

With the end of January, I am off to a promising start but the problem is, I have very few books on my To-be Read List. In need of recommendations, STAT! Please flood my messages with books you think I need to read and I will add them to the list for this year 🙂 

5 Books read within the first four weeks of 2023. Here is how they were:

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2022 in Books

2022 is coming to an end which means my annual Year in Books Review post! 

If you want to read a review for the first six months of the year click below: 

6 Months of Books

Reading has felt slow this year. I haven’t felt too excited about any books lately. Lots of decent books but not much that was WOW. My favorite book of the year was probably The King of Attolia. I really enjoyed reading the whole series and miss the characters. You can read my review of that book in my 6 Months of Books post. 

With starting a full time job I scaled back my book goal to 45 books and just scraped by with it after reading 7 books in December. Without further ado, here are reviews of a book from each month. 

(You can find the full list of books read this year at the end of the post)

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