January Book Reviews

A new year has begun and so has my yearly Book Challenges. I am renewing my goal of 50 books this year. I’ve felt that I’ve been spending so much time doing unnecessary things like watching youtube and scrolling when I could be reading so I’m back on 50 in 52 weeks! 

With the end of January, I am off to a promising start but the problem is, I have very few books on my To-be Read List. In need of recommendations, STAT! Please flood my messages with books you think I need to read and I will add them to the list for this year 🙂 

5 Books read within the first four weeks of 2023. Here is how they were:

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2022 in Books

2022 is coming to an end which means my annual Year in Books Review post! 

If you want to read a review for the first six months of the year click below: 

6 Months of Books

Reading has felt slow this year. I haven’t felt too excited about any books lately. Lots of decent books but not much that was WOW. My favorite book of the year was probably The King of Attolia. I really enjoyed reading the whole series and miss the characters. You can read my review of that book in my 6 Months of Books post. 

With starting a full time job I scaled back my book goal to 45 books and just scraped by with it after reading 7 books in December. Without further ado, here are reviews of a book from each month. 

(You can find the full list of books read this year at the end of the post)

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The Adulting Learning Curve

Two years ago today I graduated college, but it was 2020 so while it was a big moment it still felt like nothing really changed. But now two years later, a lot has changed. (Although surprisingly its raining here just like it was that day).

The past few monthsI’ve felt like I have been in an Learning to Adult crash course. Which is a big reason why the blog has been completely stagnant. In August I unexpectedly took a last-minute job teaching second grade. Those of you who have been around for a while know that I went to college to get my degree in theater, and those of you who know me, know I’ve said many times “no way will I go into teaching.”  Yeah… jokes on me.  I teach second grade, and even crazier… I like it.

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Summer Slipped Away

August slipped away faster than I could even think of getting out a post about all my adventures. The second I thought I had time I unexpectedly received a full-time job offer and within 48 hours was thrown into my first adult job. So it has been a busy past few weeks with lots of adjustments. 

I got to spend three weeks in the summer spending time with 2 of my best friends from college and it was epic I thought I would take you along on a trip down memory lane. 

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6 Month Book Dump

The first six months of the year have FLOWN BY! Does anyone else feel this way? I had planned to do a reading update or book reviews earlier but I just never got around to it. So now you get a 6 Month Book Dump!

Last year I did my 50 in 52 weeks challenge, but with working more this year I decided to cut it down to 45 books for 2022.  

The count as of this first week of July, I have read 23/45. 

I am slightly behind what I thought I would be at but am not too worried. As not to overwhelm with 22 separate reviews I am going to review one book for each month. A complete list of the books I’ve read will be at the end of the post!

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