Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When Halloween sneaks up on you and you realize that you have yet to figure out a costume. No need to panic. Shop your closet. There are a ton of costumes you can put together if you just get a little creative.

So step right up and I will show you how I shop my own closet to put together 5 Last Minute Halloween Costumes. 

Pooh Bear

Hundred Acre wood characters are perfect for last minute costumes because they just need a few key pieces. 

Red Shirt

Light bottoms

Shoes to match

DIY ears- I just turned my hair into some buns for ears

Bonus: a friend if you have one

Hogwarts Student

This is an easy one. Especially since plaid skirts and preppy outfits were trending this year.

A plaid shirt

A collared dress shirt

Something to use as a robe and a wand.

Add something for your house color and you are all set. – put on my Head Girl Pin

I’m a Ravenclaw but shh ignore the fact I have a Ginny Weasley wand. 

Jess from New Girl

Another character who has a bunch of great outfits. There are 9 seasons to work with here. I am going classic Jess. 

Polka dot dress, cardigan, the glasses and a lipstick to match. 

Plus an attempt at creating faux bangs. 

“Who’s that girl…. Its Jess!”

Rachel Green

Rachel from Friends has some of the most iconic outfits out there, and they are easy to recreate.

Just google Rachel outfits and you are sure to find one thing to work.

I copied one of her overall shorts outfit and loved it! This can even be worn in every day life.

Lucy Ricardo

“Lucy you got some splainin to do”

Fifth and final outfit. A Lucy Ricardo inspired look. 

I Love Lucy is one of my favorite shows so I especially loved this outfit.

A red wig

Character heels

A cute 50s style dress

I added an apron and some fun lipstick

Hope this helped you with some diy costume ideas for Halloween this year. What are you dressing up as this year??

Check out my instagram on the 31st to see my costume.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen