Ireland Diaries: A Perfect Ireland Train Trip to Cork and Cobh

Welcome back to another post in the Ireland Diaries. If you’ve missed the others you can find them HERE.

Getting to go on a train trip was one of the things I was most excited to do when I went to Ireland. I told my grandpa that he could choose whichever trip he wanted as long as there was a castle to see. The trip we chose went from the Heuston Station in Dublin to Cork, then a van ride up to Cobh, and a train ride back. It takes about 3 hours by train to get from Dublin to Cork and the ride there didn’t seem as long as I expected. Though it may have been because I dozed part of the way.

The train left at 7 am that morning so our alarm went off at around 3 am (No I was in no way happy about this…)

Of course, with my grandpa in charge, we were at the Train Station at 6 am when the newspaper stand wasn’t even open yet. With a yawn and a desire for hot chocolate, I watched the train schedule and waited to board.

Traveling the country by train was an unreal experience. Everything is so green and beautiful. Nothing at all like I am used to seeing back home.

Our stop in Cork took us to the Blarney Castle with the famous Blarney Stone.

The funniest thing to me was this ‘wait time’ sign. It was almost like it was Disneyland.

My grandparents and I trekked up the spiraling stone stairs stopping on each level. The Murder Hole was my favorite. The signs sold it. Ha.

When we got to the top I watched a few people kiss the Stone. Since my dad kissed it back when he visited at the age of twelve I felt that would suffice for the whole family. No way did I want to kiss it after everyone was doing it. YUCK. Taking a photo of the stone was good enough for me.

After walking the gardens area and checking out what the Wool Store had it was time for lunch.

A delectable ham and cheese with some soup of the day. Plus the best part, tea with a side of real sugar cubes. How stinkin’ cute are these cubes??? I had to stop myself from just eating them all by themselves.

St. Colman’s Cathedral

Jumping in a van we headed over to Cork and visited St. Coleman’s Cathedral. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out. Someone explain to me why this style of architecture went out of style! The way churches and buildings in general are made can’t compare at all to this level of detail and intricacy. I’ll happily start the petition to begin making things this way again.

I would love to go back to these places one day and spend some more time without the rush of a tour.

Where would you love to visit?

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