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Planes, Trains, & Automobiles, The Sequel


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles the sequel. A movie about a girl, her grandparents, and a global pandemic shutting down international transportation just at the end of the girls first trip abroad.

Here is the plot twist. It isn’t a movie. It is real life. I am that girl. Those are my grandparents, and that was my trip. 

To get the full experience we must travel back to last summer where a bright young girl with big lifelong dreams to visit her cousins in Ireland for the first time yet again asks her mother to take her. Only to hear the same answer she has heard her whole life, the bridge is not yet built. As that bridge is never going to be built I resorted to plan Y but this time with a twist. I asked if I could convince my grandpa to go with me if I could go.  Mom, as usual, agreed knowing that my attempts were usually feeble. But not this time. Oh no. I had a new ace up my sleeve this time. This time my grandpa had recently gotten hip surgery… So the next day off I set, over the river and through the woods to the grandparents house I went.

“So Grandpa…” I said.

“Want to take your new hip on a trip?”

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8 Hours in San Francisco

Because it was so -highly- requested (*Waves* Hi Tio W), here’s a snapshot of my 8 hours in San Francisco! On our way back from Lake Tahoe, my family decided to take a small detour to the bustling city of San Fran to see the San Francisco Giants play the Marlins. So we took the three-hour journey from South Tahoe to the city.

We crossed the Bay Bridge into the city where my brother proceeded to play the theme to Full House. If only I knew how to upload videos to the blog. Then you could have seen how proud he was of this. (Anyone know if uploading videos is actually a thing?) We drove up one of the insanely steep roads that always stress me out in case the car starts rolling backward down it like the ‘stang in the Princess Diaries. As usual, that did not happen and we safely made it to our hotel.

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Lake Tahoe Summer Vacay

There is nothing like a Lake Tahoe Summer! Every year for the past ten years at least I have gone to Lake Tahoe (or Lake Taco, as little me used to say) to stay with my grandparents in the house they have up there. While this year I spent only about 5 days in Lake Tahoe, it was 5 days well spent.

~Day 1~ It was really a half day because it was also the day we drove up. After a long LONG  journey from my SoCal home, we got to Tahoe around 3 which is not too bad. Early enough to shower and have a late lunch before we went off to dinner at Scusa’s. A little Italian place down the street, where they have garlic bread… that somehow my grandpa always has a free coupon for… and lobster ravioli that hits the spot every time. Continue reading