Tahoe Times

Summers spent in Lake Tahoe have always been some of my favorite memories. I got to go up with my family last week for a few days and spend some time with my grandparents. I am always quick to recommend checking out South Lake Tahoe because there is so much to do.

There are always certain nonnegotiable items on the to-do list but this year we tried some new things too!

Paddle Boarding

One of the top non-negotiable items is going Paddle Boarding. There are rentals and places to do it all around the lake but I love to go to El Dorado Beach. The paddleboard rentals are right on the sand and the area is marked off so no motorized water vehicles will be anywhere near you. In summers when the lake is more filled the water there can be super deep but in the past few years, it’s been about waist level. 

Mini Golf

Another non-negotiable is mini golfing. Every year we go to Magic Carpet Golf because it’s right down the street from my grandparents’ house, but there is another really good golf place on the north side in King’s Beach that is really fun too. 

Magic Carpet Golf has 3 courses. Two 18-holes and one 28-hole. 


The last non-negotiable is Sno-Flake where we go to get soft-serve. It is always a staple Tahoe outing. Sadly this year we found that they changed the soft-serve and instead of its usual creamydeamyness it was a typical College Cafeteria watery consistency. Not horrible, but not the same. 

Escape room

Something new we tried this year was Trapped in Tahoe Escape room. My brother and I have been obsessed with going to escape rooms over the past year. I have been to 15 or so and still have a 100% escape rate so far… We took my dad and my grandpa with us to the Escape Room and it was really fun. We did the Run Away Train room and got out with 15 minutes to spare. 

Direct quote from my grandpa “They were running around like gerbils!” 

If you are going to escape room you have to do it right, and that means you are in it to win it. And we did. 

Tahoe Aleworx

On our last night, we decided to try a new place that was recommended to my dad so we all headed down to ‘The Y’ to try Tahoe Aleworx. It is self-described as a Backyard Bar and Grill. They have a whole wall of craft beer and a menu filled with pizza options that you can watch them make. Their summer nights are filled with live music. The pizza was delicious and the atmosphere was great. 

Cuppa Tahoe

I also walked down the street from Aleworx with my grandma to check out Cuppa Tahoe. A quaint little coffee/bookshop. You can grab a coffee and read one of their books on the “Read Me” shelf or get yourself one of their many options for purchase. I would love to have it by me so I could sit and read for hours in one of the cozy corners.


The newest adventure I had during the week was going parasailing with my brother. I had been years ago with my dad but he has never gone, so we made a thing of it this year. 1000ft up, we went out on the first shift of the morning. It was a PERFECT day to be up above the lake. Not a cloud in the sky and golden sunshine. There are a ton of options for parasailing too, we went out at Timber Cove.  

It does get chilly up in the air so we were thankful it was the warmest day of the wind so our toes were only slightly numb. Though getting dunked in the lake on the way down wasn’t so bad.

What summer activities do you have planned? Any recommendations for things I need to try one day?

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