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Wrapping up 2019

Wrapping up 2019 |Thoughts&Daisies

It does NOT in any way shape or form feel like it has been a year since I wrote the Spotify 2018 wrapped. Yet somehow here we are in December of 2019 with only a few weeks left in this DECADE. Since so many of you enjoyed seeing last year’s wrapped post I have brought it back. 

In case you missed last year’s click,>HERE< to read that. 

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Summer Sounds

Summer Sounds-2.png


This summer has brought with it a lot of new music. Meaning my summer playlists have been filled to the brim with new tunes that have been on repeat for weeks. 


First and foremost after a much too long break up we have the Jonas Brothers back with their newest album “Happiness Begins“.

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What I’ve Been Listening To

The past few months a lot of artists I listen to have been coming out with new music.  So I thought I would share with you the songs that have been playing on loop lately. 

Sucker- Jonas Brothers

I have to start with this because THE JONAS BROTHERS ARE BACK! This is my childhood. From them being on Hannah Montana “Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas” (A fantastic episode since you can’t go wrong with the JoBros AND Jackson on a pogo stick) to Camp Rock and beyond I have always loved the Jonas Brothers. So when they officially got the band back together it was like I was 10 again.

So naturally, their new single ‘Sucker’ was played on repeat for a minimum of 72 hours after it was released. Much to my little brother’s dismay. It takes from the style that Nick and Joe have in their careers away from the band without straying too far from their original sound and then amplifies it. After one listen it was stuck in my head and I’m excited about a full album. Their next single “Cool” came out today and it will be on repeat I’m sure.

Stray- Grace Vanderwaal

I first heard Grace Vanderwaal when she auditioned and won, AGT and I have been a loyal listener ever since. Her newest single Stray has caught my attention because it is just a beautiful song. She has such a unique sound and her lyrics are raw and honest. Stray is about the struggles of songwriting and I love that she writes what she knows and hasn’t let anyone tell her what she needs to write about. I can’t wait for her to release her new album.

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?- Billie Eilish

My roommate really likes Billie Eilish and is always playing her music so I have grown used to just randomly having her songs in my head all day. With the new album release I took it upon myself to listen to the whole album myself and it is intriguing. I haven’t listened to it enough to make an informed decision of how I feel about it. Though it was interesting to see how she incorporated clips from The Office.

Pushing 20- Sabrina Carpenter

My mind on this song keeps changing but it is so darn catchy that I don’t think I will ever actually dislike it. It totally resonates with me at this point in my life and has basically become the anthem to my days the past couple weeks. The sound of the singles to Part II of her album release have been a lot different from the sound of her first few albums but it is beginning to grow on me.

Bad Habit- Ben Platt

I haven’t had the time to sit and listen to the entirety of Platt’s new album but I have had this song on repeat. It is the first song of the album and has now been added to one of my main playlists. He just has such a soothing voice and is something that I can listen to in early in the morning on the way to my first class without feeling overstimulated. 

What music have you been listening too lately? Let me know below I am always looking for some new things to add to my playlists.

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Pray for the Wicked Concert Review

My roommate and I bought the tickets to see Panic! last summer, and when you get tickets to something so far in advance it feels like a dream that will never actually come. When the time came this weekend to actually go it felt unreal. It just so happened that on the same day the Polar Vortex was coming through Northeast Ohio so classes got cancelled for two days. Which worked out perfect for us because we didn’t have to worry about class the day after the concert. It also meant I was being subjected to my first negative temperatures. Let me tell you, I hate everything about it and 0/10 would NOT recommend having anything to do with such cold temperatures. But I did go out and brave the subzero temps because priorities. Although my toes did not approve of my choices. I am sorry for turning you into icebergs toes, but it was worth it. 

One of my friends had given me a Panic! shirt for Christmas so I was able to wear that over a long sleeve to the concert. (Thanks Val!) We got the concert around 6 and P!ATD came on at 8:50, so we got hotdogs and candy to pass the time while watching the opening acts. Betty Who and Two Feet were the openers, neither was bad but I had never heard of them so I wasn’t as into it as I have been for other openers before.

10 minutes before the concerts a countdown started on the scene and everyone in the arena pretty much lost it. The opening song started and Brendon Urie literally jumped on stage through a trapdoor. You can imagine the screams throughout the crowd at that. Continue reading

Spotify Wrapped ’18


Spotify does this thing at the end of the year where they put together a little interactive slide at the end of the year that puts together all of your music stats for the year. After getting one last year I was really curious to see what my stats would look like this year. A few days ago Spotify released its 2018 Wrapped and, honestly, it is 100% me for this year. When I looked at it, I realized that my wrapped this year capsulated a ton of stories of the past few years and I thought it would be fun to share. Continue reading