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How to Survive Holidays in College, When You Can’t Go Home

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Going away for college is great… until a holiday break comes that is too short to travel home for. While everyone else packs their bags and hops in the car, you are watching alone from the window sure this break will be a dud.

One thing about moving across the country for college is that it is not always easy, or convenient, to fly back home for every holiday you get off. Especially when it is only a long weekend. For me, this means I am stuck staying at college for breaks like Labor Day, Fall Break, and Easter. Now into my second year of college, I can confidently say not being able to go home doesn’t mean that the break is going to be horrible.

So if, like me, you can’t go home for a break, here are some good tips to keep yourself entertained.

  • Find a friend who is willing to let you go home with them.

    While it may not be YOUR home, not being stuck in a dorm room alone is a win in itself more. You will also get real NON SCHOOL FOOD every day, and maybe you get to see a new town or state while you are at it.

  • Go exploring.

    Locate a library, coffee shop, some waterfalls to go to, or even just take a drive around town. Not staying cooped up in your room will help to make you feel less bummed out about not being at home.

  • Go to a local museum.

    Maybe a museum you have already been to, or maybe one that you have been meaning to visit but have never had the time. You never know what amazing things you can find to admire at museums until you go. 

  • Take the time to catch up on shows.

    You know that show or movie you have been meaning to finish or start watching? The great thing about breaks is you have all the time in the world to sit around and do nothing.

  • Cook something.

    Whether it be a new pasta dish or a whole batch of your favorite cookies (pull apart or otherwise) it will taste so much better than whatever fast food you would have picked up. 

  • Appreciate your time off.

    Lastly, make sure you appreciate the time off. Just because you aren’t going home doesn’t mean that you should be miserable and waste your break. Because next thing you know you will be waking up for those 8am classes again.

What do you normally do during school breaks?


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Tips for More Effective Studying

Studying Tips.jpgIt’s late, you are getting ready for bed, and you just remembered you have a test tomorrow. The panic sets in and now you are pulling an allnighter. Boy do you wish you studied earlier. We’ve all been there. Studying is a normal part of any student’s life, but when we don’t know how to do it effectively we run into a lot of setbacks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Today I am going to share with you some of my study tips to help you study more effectively and hopefully avoid those dreaded allnighters!


-Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

This is the worst thing to do. If you leave studying to the last minute you risk cramming and allnighters which do not help you to learn the material to get a good grade on whatever you had to study. Studying is never the first choice on the fun thing to do list, but leaving studying to the last minute just puts added stress onto you.

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My Dorm Room Favorites

After a month for me to get back into the swing of things and with many more people getting ready to begin their new school year I thought it would be fun to talk about my dorm room favorites. With a limited amount of space to store things in a dorm you need to be mindful of what you get. But as your college dorm is your new home away from home still make sure to get things to make it feel like home! Without further ado here are my dorm room favorites! I will link everything down below in case you want to check them out.

  • Cute pillows

I got these cute pillows from Target! They help to brighten my bed area, and they are super comfy to stack against each other to lay on while I am reading or watching netflix. I also use them to cover the GAPING HOLE between my mattress and the wall so I don’t fall through in the middle of the night. Although, things do like to disappear down there.


  • Twinkle lights

These twinkle lights are from Amazon. I love that they are a different shape than most bulbs so they add a nice touch to the bare walls. They are really long and wrap almost 3/4s of the way around my dorm. Not to mention they are great to have on once the sun goes down and I don’t want to have the bright fluorescent dorm lighting on. These lights warm tones make the room feel much more cozy and homey. Continue reading

Tips to Manage Anxiety in College


Sometimes anxiety seems like it just sneaks its way into just about everything you don’t want it to. Calling a friend? BAM!  Anxiety. Wanting to wear a new outfit? Anxiety has 27 reasons that is a horrible idea.

Asking that question in class?  No, not today, Anxiety has spoken.

Having anxiety can really weigh you down, but it doesn’t have to rule your life. Here are 7 tips for living with anxiety in college.

1. Know you are Not your anxiety.

While it may feel that your anxiety has become who you are, you have to remember that you are a million other things and anxiety is not one of them. Anxiety is just something you have. One of the absolute worst things to do is to constantly beat yourself up because of it. You are NOT your anxiety.

No matter how many times the little voice may come in and tell you that it is. Anxiety is not who you are, but if you put yourself down everytime you feel it, you are just going to make it worse.

Instead learn to try and tell yourself something you would tell a friend when they are dealing with anxiety. Take a moment to try and figure out what is making your anxiety act up, and see if there is a good solution to help change the situation, or the thoughts your anxiety is trying to tell you about the situation.

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

You know in movies when characters are late for their travel plans so they are sprinting down streets, piers, and through airports?   When I was trying to get myself to college last weekend, I had one.

I was booked to take the Redeye flight from CA to OH. Which would get me to my college with time for a well-deserved nap before I had to start moving my stuff in. Everything was going according to plan. Until it wasn’t.


Image result for running through airport gif

We left for the airport just over four hours before the flight. My app said it would only take us about an hour and fifteen minutes,  leaving just under three hours left until the flight. It was perfect… and then one of the major freeways shut down without any notice. The map app said there was heavy traffic, and nowhere online could you find mention of the freeway shut down. Instead of the hour and fifteen minutes. It took us approximately THREE hours and fifteen minutes to complete the should be 50 minutes, without traffic, to drive to the airport lot. With another THIRTY minutes to drive to the correct terminal of the airport. By the time we got to a place where we could leave the car, my phone buzzed to let me know boarding was over.

I have never felt so panicked in my life, as I did after missing my flight. I started wondering if I was going to have to start taking all these random modes of transportation to get to school like in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. (One of my all time favorite movies!)

Image result for planes trains and automobiles gif


I knew I would eventually get to college, but last-minute flights are EXPENSIVE, to say the least. Not something I could afford easily, and after standing in line for another hour to talk to someone about finding a new flight, they informed me the next plane wasn’t for another 12 hours. (Though the lady was exceptionally nice and didn’t charge me for the new ticket!) I had no idea what to do for that long. The idea of sleeping in the baggage claim area of the airport until the next day made my heart pound so loud you could almost hear it. Luckily, my mom wasn’t about to do that and, somehow, found us a last minute hotel room. (Which was also discounted for us by the nice man working at the front desk.)

Seven a.m. the next morning we headed back to the airport. This time completely on-time.  The new ticket was sadly not a direct flight. Instead, we flew to Houston and had an hour layover. I will say the Houston airport is HUGE and if I had more time I would have loved to explore all the shops and restaurants it has. Particularly, this one bookstore I passed. The flight from Houston to Ohio was only three hours and I passed the time by watching Pitch Perfect 3 and half of Ferdinand before we landed at our destination.  Only 21 hours later than anticipated. With time differences, we got there late at night and headed to bed for an early rise the next day to move into my dorm.


It was a crazy and stressful two days but I did not miss the first day of classes or my audition so, in the end, it was successful. Only after the panic and complications were over was I able to notice all of the things that went well in those moments. Like the airport employee not charging me for the tickets and the hotel employees giving us discounts. Even the plane having free movies was something that was unexpected but much appreciated. Although there was so much that went wrong in my travels, not all of it was bad. As humans in the midst of our busy schedules, we seem to forget that when things go wrong we still have to make sure to look at the things that went right. It is something I am learning, but still, have a long way to go. And if you were wondering if there were any trains don’t be discouraged there was. We went over the tracks to get to campus and the train could be heard from my dorm that night.

Have you ever missed your plane flight?

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Back to School- First Week of College

August is here which means… so is the Back to School Season. While it may not be the most exciting time, it sure is busy. Whether you are starting your very first week of college or coming back for another school year, there are things everyone needs to do to be prepared. I start school on Monday (YIKES!) so I wanted to share what I think is important to do for back to school.

~Buy your school supplies~

Because each teacher is different I would recommend waiting to buy the bulk of your supplies after your first day of class. This, however, does NOT mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Having some loose leaf papers, fun highlighters, pens, and pencils, or a laptop should be good to get you through the first couple days.

I like to color coordinate all of my items for each class such as having a green notebook and folder for one class and all blue ones for another. I am also a HUGE fan of having a ton of different colored pens to make my notes look nicer or use to write out my lines from a script.

~Organize your dorm room~

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