Two Years of Thoughts and Daisies!

Two Years of Thoughts & Daisies

Cheers to the TWO YEAR blogiversary of Thoughts and Daisies!


Where in the world did the time go? It feels like last week that I was creating the post for year one. I still can’t believe that two years ago I hit publish on my first Thoughts and Daisies post. My writing has come a long way since that first post and I have faith that it is going to continue to grow.

This year was filled with some of my favorite blogging moments. My brother and I started doing posts together from creating Friends themed desserts to posting videos of us doing dance routines on Instagram and we have many more to come. (So stay tuned!)


I played around a bit with photo editing. I am not very good but it is really fun to add some flair to some of my photos and I want to continue to see what I can create. 


I’ve also begun to figure out the best way to take my own photos. Especially with living in a dorm, I have had to get good at using the photo timer. 

Just last week I did my first collab post, with the wonderful Caroline from TheCaroLife, and it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to do more of those types of posts. Be sure to check out our post about our 12 Must-Read Life-Changing Books.


I got to do some traveling early this year and started a whole blog series on it. Check out the Ireland Diaries if you haven’t already. There are still a few more posts to go and I am excited to get them up! 



I want to step up my Instagram game. Post more, take more photos and especially actually use the Instagram story function. Why is this a thing that makes me nervous, I have no idea, but for year 3 I am actually going to do it! *fingers crossed*


Create some more Pinterest images.

I have begun to figure out what works for me on Pinterest and I think this could be the year that it all lines up. I mean, I am on there enough that I should be making it work for the blog. (I am obsessed with Pinterest so be sure to follow me there to see all the fun things I save.) 


Reach out to more bloggers to create collab content.

It was so fun to do and I want to do a lot more of it. If you are a blogger who would be up to collaborate with me, message me!


Write more.

I think this is an obvious one but it still needs to be on here. I want to get better at sending out content to my subscribers and really commit to my posting schedule. This school year ended up being a little crazier than I anticipated but I am really going to try and block out the time and make sure I am writing for the blog. And if you want to be one of the people who gets my exclusive newsletter posts be sure to subscribe.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me these last two years. 

Comment below what content you would like to see this year on the blog!


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