Tips for More Effective Studying

Studying Tips.jpgIt’s late, you are getting ready for bed, and you just remembered you have a test tomorrow. The panic sets in and now you are pulling an allnighter. Boy do you wish you studied earlier. We’ve all been there. Studying is a normal part of any student’s life, but when we don’t know how to do it effectively we run into a lot of setbacks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Today I am going to share with you some of my study tips to help you study more effectively and hopefully avoid those dreaded allnighters!


-Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute

This is the worst thing to do. If you leave studying to the last minute you risk cramming and allnighters which do not help you to learn the material to get a good grade on whatever you had to study. Studying is never the first choice on the fun thing to do list, but leaving studying to the last minute just puts added stress onto you.

-Make a Plan and Stick to It

When you have a plan to go to the mall with your friends it is a lot harder to forget and blow it off. So why can’t studying be the same? Instead of ignoring the fact you should be studying, make studying its own plan. Schedule the time in to study for the important thing. If you know there will be a test that will require studying make a set time for it. Same goes for projects. Plan it as though it is its own event. Write it in your planner or set a reminder on your phone, that way there is a bigger incentive for you to do it. I know my vocal professor has said we need to set time to practice because it makes it easier to not blow it off. She is right, when I schedule the time into my planner I tend to get myself into a practice room, and the same goes for my studying habits.


-Have Organized Notes

Whether it be hand written notes or notes on your laptop, if the notes you have are illegible they can’t help you. Some ways to get the most out of your notes would be to take quick notes in class and them rewrite them more in depth. One way to do this is hand write notes in class and then organize them by typing them out. I like to handwrite my notes in class and then make a quizlet on what I need to know for a test so I can easily study it.


-Avoid Distractions

This is a hard one, I know, but studying in a distracting environment is ineffective and a waste of time. Some people can’t focus when they study with other people so the library or common area wouldn’t work. Don’t have your notes on your laptop if you know you will stray away and start watching Youtube. Another big distractor is your phone. Don’t have near you, put it on the opposite side of the room, or better yet turn it off. This will help you designate study time as only study time, and it will help you get the studying done faster because you won’t be distracted with something else every few minutes.


-Take Breaks

When you study don’t try to do it all at once. It isn’t helpful to your memory or your patience. Instead study for half an hour and then take a break. Go on your phone, watch a quick youtube video, get a snack, and then go back and study for another half hour. This will help you feel more motivated and your brain will better absorb the information you are studying.


-Make a Study Playlist

Lastly, make a playlist. I know personally I get antsy when I try and study in complete silence so having a soft music in the background helps me focus. Just make sure whatever you put in your playlist isn’t distracting to you. I like to have instrumental music in my playlist because lyrics capture my focus. You can check out my playlist for inspiration > here <


I hope you fund these study tips useful. Be sure to comment below things you do to study effectively. I am always looking for more ways to be more productive in my studying.


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