Tiaras through the Ages

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I’ve loved princesses and tiaras for as long as I can remember. My mom likes to make a point that when I was little I would just have a tiara on all the time with every outfit. Although I don’t think that has changed much, I will say I don’t wear tiaras as often just because what was once thought of as a cute kid thing is not as normal in the day to day college life. Sad I know. I think we need to change that. Petition to wear tiaras every day in college.

Now it seems the only acceptable time to wear a tiara out in public is on your birthday, so naturally, I have begun to take advantage of that every chance I get.

Through all my phases and birthdays and changes, one thing that has made it through it all is my love for tiaras. Big and small, full on crowns, flashy ones that hurt my head when I wear them too long. Even the same little plastic tiara in different colors. I long for the day I can have a tiara display like Princess Mia from Princess Diaries. Like how cool would that be??


I now have 20 years of tiara photos under my belt and it is a pretty strange thought to think.

20 Years is a long time.

As my brother says “That’s like… TWO DECADES”

While there is a lot that I haven’t figured out yet there will always be one thing I am certain of…

There will always be more tiaras.






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