Throwing a Summer Pool Party

Any excuse to throw a party is my kind of excuse. I am the type of person who loves to plan everything, so I love throwing a party for any occasion I can. With summer in full swing (!!!) who doesn’t want to have a pool party?

Here are my tips for planning a pool party all of your friends will love.

1. A Pool

A summer pool party wouldn’t be complete without a pool, but as it isn’t always a possibility, don’t worry about improvising. Turning on or buying a sprinkler, or having water guns or water balloons are great alternatives. Anything that lets you cool down in this summer heat will be a winner. Just don’t forget to have a supply of extra towels for all of your guests just in case someone forgets theirs.

2. Food

Summer is a great time to do something simple for food because it is just too hot to spend a bunch of time in a sweltering kitchen. My favorite choice for food is to make it a potluck. Have everyone bring something to share. Including, but definitely not limited too:

Fruit- my favorite during the summer is watermelon and pineapple. Especially after it has been in the fridge for a while so it is nice and cold. YUM!

Chips and dip, salsa, or guacamole, or even a combination of all three, you can never have too much food. And for something that makes you think of summer you can grill.

Burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and even some fruit, like pineapple, taste more like summer when they have grill marks on them.

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3. Play some games.

You don’t have to get fancy; though there are really cool, creative games to be found on Pinterest, to keep it simple just pull out some of your favorite board games and have at it. My friends are really into Jenga and UNO. Some of our rounds can go on for hours.

4. Make a party playlist.

Considering I am minoring in music- it is no surprise I love having music on all the time. Spotify is my go-to for making great upbeat playlists with songs my friends and I all love to have playing in the background throughout the day. If you don’t want to make your own playlist Spotify and Pandora have preset stations to keep your party on track. My own party playlist is filled with everything from High School Musical to The Beatles you can check it out >>here<<.

5. Movie Night and Dessert

Last but certainly not least, a movie and s’mores night is a good way to end the day.  Set up an outdoor projector or open up Netflix on the t.v. and have everyone vote on a movie. Then bring out some movie snacks and end the night right. Pinterest is my favorite way to find cute ways to set up a popcorn station with all the fixings. Candy, pretzels, chocolate, and whatever else your heart desires. I love making s’mores in the summer in my firepit, but you can always roast some marshmallows over the stove. Whether you like it perfectly golden brown or black as night, gooey s’mores are a sure fire way (get it?) to fulfill your sweet tooth cravings.

Click >>here<< to view my movie night board on Pinterest.

Hope you found this guide to pool parties helpful. Are you throwing a pool party of your own this summer?

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