Thoughtful Gift Ideas


I L-O-V-E giving thoughtful gifts. I spend at least a month (If not more) on planning a cute and thoughtful gift for someones birthday. So I thought I would compile lists of simple, but thoughtful, items for a few different people in your life. Because sometimes it is really hard to figure out what would make a good gift for someone you care about. Especially when they seem to be picky or already have everything.

The Makeup Lover

Collection of lipsticks

You can find a ton of lipsticks for really cheap or even a pack of cool lip colors at a ton of different stores. This gives your friend not just one but many new lipsticks to add to their arsenal and try out. They will thank you. My personal favorite place to shop for stuff like this is TJ Maxx I got a palette of 20 lip colors for only about 6 bucks once.

Nail polish

Nail polishes are relatively cheap and you can find a bunch of cool colors for your friend to match with whatever makeup look and outfit they want to put together.


Everywhere from Target to Forever 21 has all kinds of facemasks to choose from. Anything from pomegranate scented to plain clay masks, facemasks are a fun and relaxing option.

The Bookworm


Bookmarks are great because there is a ton of variety that can go along with them. You can make bookmarks with funny sayings on them, or origami ones that go on the corner of the page. Almost anything you can think of can go along with a bookmark. And it is something your bookworm friend will always need more of to replace the ones they’ve lost or the receipt they have been using.

A book they have been talking about.

Just buying the book they have been mentioning for the past month (or longer) that they have been wanting to read but have yet to pick up is a perfect option. Not only will they be thrilled but they will also feel loved knowing you listen when they ramble on and on about books to you.  

A Mug

Whether it be something related to books or just a cute mug with their initial in a cool font or an animal, they will love to have a new place to hold their tea, coffee, or hot chocolate when they curl up with a blanket and a book.

The Writer


Notebooks are always a must for writers. Smaller ones can be carried around with them so wherever they go they are prepared if they have a genius thought to write down. Notebooks that look old and vintage and give off that writer vibe are fun and ones that have cute inspirational quotes on the cover are always great too.


To go along with a notebook pens are great. There can never be too many pens. From fancy monogrammed pens, to ones of unusual colors, your writer friend will have a little bit of you with them when they use the pens to write the next great adventure novel. Or the grocery list.

Sticky notes

There are a million different sticky notes to choose from. There are the classic solid colors, or ones in different shapes, I have even seen waterproof ones perfect for shower thoughts. A mix of a bunch of sticky notes is a perfect choice for the person you know who has them all over their desk and walls.

The One Who Always Says They Want ‘Nothing’

The Gift of Nothing

You can always give them the gag of a jar with the word “nothing’ on the front of it…. But be sure after they laugh about it you have another little something for them.  

A Day Out Together

What better gift than spending time together. You could go out to the movies, to their favorite restaurant, or just spend the day at home. Either way they will have an amazing memory with you.  

And When in doubt…Food

Whether it be a pack of their favorite candy or a bag full of a variety of sweets this one is a winner.

What other gifts do you like to give your friends or be given?


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