The One with the Quarantine Birthday | Thoughts&Daisies

The One with the Quarantine Birthday

The One with the Quarantine Birthday | Thoughts&Daisies

And just like that, I had my 21st Birthday in quarantine… and it wasn’t awful. So let’s recap

I totally expected to spend my birthday sitting on the couch snacking and watching Disney +, and instead, I had a wacky day filled with surprises.

My family made all these signs to create a ‘Friends’ themed cups and ice party. Which included creating party hats with the cups.

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One of my uncles bought and mailed a cup with the Friends font that says “The One where Alexandra turns 21” so that was on the table and he face-timed in to see me get my gift. That also included a new 21st tiara. If you are new here I have had a love of tiaras my whole life. You can see last years post that includes photos of me in various tiaras for my first 20 years of life >HERE<


Naturally, I wore the tiara all day. My brother had the Friends theme music playing and we had breakfast waffles, but that was far from the end of my surprises.


I watched old Disney channel movies (Cheetah Girls 2 for the WIN) and all of a sudden I hear the gate to my backyard open and see my grandparents who brought some social distance sushi for lunch. It was so nice to see them even if we had to keep our distance and the sushi was great! In the middle of lunch, my mom tells me to go to the front door where I see one of my friends with a cake and balloons. Like how cool is that? 


Shortly after that, I am told we are going to eat cake and instead find my mom heading back to the front yard where one of our neighbors who is a DJ comes in his truck playing birthday songs and my next-door neighbors are out saying Happy Birthday. So there we were dancing in the driveway, sweating up a storm since it was extremely hot outside but I couldn’t even care, it was just fun.  


After that much excitement I was sure that was the end of the surprises but little did I know after dinner I got called downstairs to my mom had set up a zoom meeting with my friends and family. It was nice to see all the people I love even if it was through a screen. 

It was a very eventful day for not being able to leave the house, but I was glad that I got to spend it with my family.  

An extra big THANK YOU to everyone who made my birthday special despite the crazy circumstances!!!

Tell me your craziest birthday story in the comments!


Bonus: here is a recreation photo I took to look like my 1st birthday party invitation.



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