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What to do when you get Semester Burnout

What to do when you get Semester Burnout |Thoughts &Daisies There is a point in every semester when everything seems to be piling up and no matter how much you are doing, it never seems to be enough. When this point comes, burnout inevitably follows.

There is a point in every semester when everything seems to be piling up and no matter how much you are doing, it never seems to be enough. When this point comes, burnout inevitably follows. Especially when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and break is on its way.

I get semester burnout every semester but especially in the spring. When all I want is summer to come so I can take a break from essays and homework and getting up early burnout be excruciatingly frustrating. Continue reading

11 Ways to Increase Your Weekly Productivity

11 Ways to Increase Your Weekly Productivity |Thoughts & Daisies You will never be able to be more productive unless you work at it. Like anything, it takes practice but I assure you if you by utilizing these tips you will begin to feel a difference in your weekly productivity.

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Today I am going to be talking…writing… about tips be more PRODUCTIVE!

This was requested on my Instagram to blog about, so shout out to the two people who actually responded with what they wanted me to write.

  1. Make a list

I know I’ve talked about this in some of my other posts.

(See: Time Management.  Effective Studying.)

But I honestly can not recommend this enough. Making a list is the best way to get organized and know what needs to be done. I like to organize my lists by two specific characteristics, most important and due date. By categorizing my lists I can better get a sense of what I need to spend more time on and what I have to really be sure not to leave till the last minute.

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Best Ways to Eat Healthy in College


Best Ways to Eat Healthy in College |Thoughts & Daisies


Best Ways to Eat Healthy in College |Thoughts & Daisies

Best Ways to Eat Healthy in College |Thoughts & Daisies

One of the hardest things I’ve had to figure out in college was how to eat healthily. I have never been an unhealthy eater but the second I got to college it was hard to find a rhythm. Especially when 95% of everything I eat comes from the dining halls on campus and the places that accept my student card. When not everything looks appetizing and the same meals are served weekly it can be extremely hard to not fall in the habit of eating pizza or burgers every day.

For your body to function properly you have to be feeding it the right nutrients. You can’t expect your skin to glow, or your stomach to not constantly be upset if all you eat is sugar and grease.

While it can seem incredibly daunting there are a lot of easy ways to make sure you eat a healthier diet amidst standard college food.

  1. Drink Water

Water is so important and I know I don’t drink enough of it, so I am sure others have this problem too. When dining halls are filled with soda and energy drinks and everyone is stopping into Starbucks everyday water can be one of the last things you are grabbing.

Water helps your body in a million ways, like not being dehydrated, helping with the dryness and overall look of your skin, digestion, and it helps flush out toxins and germs.  

So next time you want to grab a third coffee or a can of soda, get some water. If you get bored of plain water add some fruit or lemon to your water to jazz it up. Also, carry around a reusable water bottle to remind yourself about water.  

  1. Add some greens

Sometimes I look back on the meals I’ve had in my day and realized that they were all filled with cheese and carbs and bread but I couldn’t remember what greens I ate. Greens are packed with vitamins and nutrients and have a ton of health benefits.

Some yummy options are spinach, bok choy, lettuce and collard greens. And if we just go on the option of green foods, in general, there are tons more. Like AVOCADOS which are filled with protein and more potassium than a banana, green bell peppers, asparagus, and artichokes.

When you look at your meal and notice it looks a bit colorless go find some greens to add.

  1. Add some veggies to your pizza

If you are going to go the pizza route add in some veggies. Olives, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, and broccoli are all great options.  

  1. Get a smoothie instead of coffee

The caffeine in coffee may give you a quick energy boost throughout your day but it can really take a toll. Caffeine energy will eventually have you crash and burn not to mention caffeine is dehydrating if you aren’t drinking water along with it. Instead, grab a smoothie.

In the rec center of my school, there is a smoothie bar where they make smoothies with things like fruit, acai, and kale. It is a great way to add extra fruit to my diet and get an energy boost.

  1. Add some healthy snacks to your dorm

I know I like to snack and if all I have on hand is chips and candy that’s all I’ll eat. When I have things like fruit and nuts on hand in my room I am more likely to grab that to snack on. I really enjoy hard boiled eggs, raspberries, and pretzels with peanut butter.

  1. If you can, Cook!

One of the easiest ways to eat healthy in college is just to cook your own food. If you have access to a kitchen stop by the grocery store or get groceries delivered, and make your favorite homemade meal. When you cook it yourself you can better make a decision about what you are eating. Even when you don’t have access to a full kitchen you can make your own great meals with just a microwave. Stay tuned for a post about that coming up later this month!

Making sure you are eating right can help you feel more energized and better overall, and when running around in the day to day crazy college life you will totally need it.

What is your favorite way to eat healthier in college?



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Tips for Choosing Your College Classes

Tips for Choosing Your College Classes | Thoughts&Daisies  Choosing the right classes can make or break your semester, and maybe even your ability to graduate. Follow these tips to keep your stress low and your semester great.

College is oh so different from high school in so many ways. One of the biggest differences is that you choose all of your own classes. While that may be great, it can also be stressful when you aren’t sure how to go about it. Choosing the right classes can make or break your semester, and maybe even your ability to graduate. To lower your stress over this, I am sharing with you my 6 tips to know when choosing your classes.

Check the graduation requirements

Each school and each major has its own specific requirements that must be met to graduate. When choosing your classes for the semester, be sure to take a look at the specific things required of you. Another reason to check the requirements is that certain classes have prerequisites that need to be met before you can even take them.  You don’t want to schedule your classes willy-nilly and not notice you never took that one class you needed to take to graduate until it is too late.

Decide how many credits to take

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