Remembering October


Would it even actually be Fall if you don’t go on a Fall themed adventure? Of course not, and this year I actually got with the program and went on one. My roommate and I decided to spend one of the rare sunny Ohio days out and about. So we left campus and drove 40 minutes to an apple farms kids fall fest. Did we then pay 8 dollars to get into said fun fest? Yes. Was it totally worth it? Yes, yes it was. 


The fest had a corn maze and it was everything we could have wanted. We ran through some corn, took a ton of photos because how could we not, and then we waited in a giant line to eat some fried apple rings. Which again, totally worth it. The fest was so cut and had a treehouse and DIY slides and a ton of fun things for kids, and it really made me want to be little again to go on it. 


This is totally something I want to do again next year. Maybe find a different fall fest or fall-themed adventures. The end of the month brought around Halloween as it always does and for me this year it meant the opening of a show I was working on all centered around Edgar Allen Poe which was cool. I was Spinelli from Recess (who remembers this show!) and I was glad that some people actually stopped me in the halls because they liked my costume.


 Let me know down below what your favorite fall activities are! Fall is quickly fading into winter and my heavy coat is going to have to come out of the woodworks *cry* but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the fall.




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