‘One Beautiful Dream’ Not just for Moms

My mom bought “One Beautiful Dream” by Jennifer Fulwiler for herself and about half way through insisted that I read it when she was done. I love Jennifer Fulwiler and had no doubt that her book was really good, but I did doubt that I would find anything to resonate with because I am not a mom. Oh how wrong I was.

“At least we have queso.”

This book is anything but only for moms. While the book is about her life as a mom, there is so much more this book offers to anyone who reads it. Jennifer Fulwiler tells a story about family, life, passions, faith, and how amid all the crazy, all of these things can come together to create, just as the title says, One Beautiful Dream.

“For the love of the Blob.”

You can feel the authenticity and wittiness flowing from the pages. There was never a moment that I couldn’t hear her voice in my head telling me her story. While there were many moments of laughter I also found myself being sucked in so deeply that when she spoke of more difficult times I genuinely started crying. I was glad to not be in public so I was only given a weird look by my little brother who likes to make fun of me for my emotional attachments to books. She discusses how following her passions (her blue flame) helped her in all aspects of her life. Making her a better mother, wife, friend, and person.

“It occured to me now that when we let Resistance hold us back, we’re not the 
only ones who suffer. Other people lose out too.”  

The book has something to relate to for every reader. Whether it be the telling how she handles a family and a career, or learning to accept help from friends and family, Jennifer Fulwiler does a fantastic job of explaining the parts of a real life that people can be nervous to share aloud. “One Beautiful Dream” reminds us that having it all isn’t impossible, you just have to be willing to work for it no matter the barriers that may seem to be in the way, because if it is meant to be it will be.

Do you have a favorite book you’ve read lately? Any suggestions of other books I could review? Comment down below.

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