My Dorm Room Favorites

After a month for me to get back into the swing of things and with many more people getting ready to begin their new school year I thought it would be fun to talk about my dorm room favorites. With a limited amount of space to store things in a dorm you need to be mindful of what you get. But as your college dorm is your new home away from home still make sure to get things to make it feel like home! Without further ado here are my dorm room favorites! I will link everything down below in case you want to check them out.

  • Cute pillows

I got these cute pillows from Target! They help to brighten my bed area, and they are super comfy to stack against each other to lay on while I am reading or watching netflix. I also use them to cover the GAPING HOLE between my mattress and the wall so I don’t fall through in the middle of the night. Although, things do like to disappear down there.


  • Twinkle lights

These twinkle lights are from Amazon. I love that they are a different shape than most bulbs so they add a nice touch to the bare walls. They are really long and wrap almost 3/4s of the way around my dorm. Not to mention they are great to have on once the sun goes down and I don’t want to have the bright fluorescent dorm lighting on. These lights warm tones make the room feel much more cozy and homey.

  • Diffuser

This diffuser from Bed Bath and Beyond is great because not only is it cute with the changing colors, it makes your room smell great! It has a reusable pad in the bottom to put the essential oils. My favorite oil to use right now is Lavender.

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  • Portable speaker

This portable speaker has a great connectivity range, and because of how small it is, it is really easy to put in your bag and take with you anywhere. I love using it to enhance the speakers from my phone or computer. It is also good because I can put my phone and laptop on the other side of the room while I am doing homework, but still have my music near me.

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  • Plants

Plants are great to have in your dorm room because they add a bit of life. They brighten up the area and they can help purify the air  your room while adding extra oxygen. Which can help keep you healthier! My plant is a Haworthia Fasciata also known as the Zebra Succulent. They are really easy to maintain succulents, as I have had him for almost 7 months now. Yes, it is a him. His name  is Severus Snake, like Severus SNAPE -from Harry Potter- and his leaves coming out of the soil look like snake tails. There is more plants soon to come though so Severus will no longer be lonely. So stay tuned!


Hope these gave you some ideas for things to add to your own dorm room!

Pillows (Yellow) (Good Vibes) // Twinkle Lights // Diffuser // Portable Speaker

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