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As a music minor, it is only fitting that much of my days revolve around music. When I get up, in the car, doing work, even sometimes in my dreams, music is either playing aloud or in my head. So new to the blog this week is my Tunes of the Week.

A lot of new music has been coming out in recent weeks from artists I like, so here are the three albums I have been listening to the most.

Florence and the Machine: High as Hope

I have always loved the sound of their music and this album is no exception. Right from the get-go, I was hooked with this album. I just really love Florence Welch’s voice and how she can have such a hauntingly light head voice, that can be well observed in her vocals in ‘South London Forever.’ While this is not my favorite album of theirs I enjoy listening to this album and singing along.

My Favorite song: Sky Full of Song.

My favorite lyric:  Sky Full of Song’- “For a city without seasons it keeps raining in LA.”

Taylor Phelan: 1 of 2

I started listening to him after he appeared on The Voice Season 7, although he was eliminated in the live playoffs *cries*, and he was probably my favorite contestant that season.  This EP may only have 7 songs but I love every single one. From his vocals to the electric guitar riffs, and a drum beat to get your head bouncing along every time. I have something from him playing at least once a day. If you have never heard his music be sure to check him out.

Favorite Song: Desire

Favorite Lyric: Monsters– “And while I journey through the closet where the monsters live.”

Panic! At the Disco: Pray for the Wicked.

I will admit when I first listened to this album I was unsure how I felt. After having listened to it all the way through at least 5 times it is beginning to grow on me. I am still not completely sure what my verdict of this album is yet, BUT I will have to say I really like certain songs. ‘The Overpass’, ‘Roaring 20s’, and ‘Dying in LA’ are the three songs I have been putting on repeat since I first heard them. While this is not my favorite album the more I listen the more I like it. Which is great news, considering my college roomie and I bought tickets to see them next year! We are counting down the days already!

Favorite Song: Roaring 20s. This gives me vibes from one of their older albums which has me giving it two thumbs up.

Favorite Lyric: Say Amen (Saturday Night)– “All the people I know aren’t who they used to be.”


Hope you enjoyed this post! Would you want to see more posts about music on the blog? What types of things would you like to read?


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    1. Nino

      We can talk music all day! I’d like to hear more about who else you are listening to. I have some cool (your mom aproved) suggestions too. I’ll be in touch! Love you. Nino.


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