Lake Tahoe Summer Vacay

There is nothing like a Lake Tahoe Summer! Every year for the past ten years at least I have gone to Lake Tahoe (or Lake Taco, as little me used to say) to stay with my grandparents in the house they have up there. While this year I spent only about 5 days in Lake Tahoe, it was 5 days well spent.

~Day 1~ It was really a half day because it was also the day we drove up. After a long LONG  journey from my SoCal home, we got to Tahoe around 3 which is not too bad. Early enough to shower and have a late lunch before we went off to dinner at Scusa’s. A little Italian place down the street, where they have garlic bread… that somehow my grandpa always has a free coupon for… and lobster ravioli that hits the spot every time.

~Day 2~ Our activity for the day was going miniature golfing for our yearly (way too competitive) family game. It is an older golfing facility but is still a family favorite. They have three courses to choose from the 28 hole, and the two 19 holes, called the Dinosaur Course and FairyTale course respectively. Try as I might I can’t remember the 28-course hole name because my family never plays it. For the third year in a row, we played the Dinosaur course which is my personal favorite. I hit a hole in one this game but unfortunately, I did not win…*cue the world’s tiniest violin*

~Day 3~ This was one my favorite days because my dad, brother, and I went jet skiing. All three of us go together every time my dad is able to make it up to Tahoe with us.


*Cue us waiting on the dock until 9 while everyone blames me for telling them 
the website said 8.* 

After a brunch at the Red Hut, where I had a cranberry turkey sandwich, that has been my go-to meal there the past 3 years, we all went back to the house to change before going to the movies to watch the Incredibles 2. Who else has seen this so far??! I can not tell you how much I loved it. Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.

Then for dinner that night we picked up a pizza from Blue Dog Pizza. I wish we had one near my house because honestly, it is way better than any of the regular pizza places I go to. If you are every near one I highly recommend checking it out! My go to is an extra crispy Pepperoni Mushroom.



~Day 4~ The last sunny day of our vacay was spent at the lake where my brother and I went paddle boarding at our go-to spot, El Dorado beach. It was crazy windy that day and we really spent most of the time working hard to not be pushed off the board into the freezing water, or blown too far down the shore. Which made for a very tiresome journey of paddling hard in the same direction while singing Taylor Swift songs for motivation. To cool down after paddle boarding my brother and I grabbed a Strawberry Monkey snow cone from Tessies Beach Bites. It was our first time having it and, let me tell you. I could eat it every day of my life. It was light and refreshing and before I had a chance to think of taking a picture, we had devoured the whole thing.



That night for dinner we headed to our original Italian favorite Tep’s Villa Roma that I have gone to since I was two and sat in a high chair at the table with my portable DVD player. Their Antipasto bar where they chill their plates is my favorite thing there.

 We skipped dessert here to head down the road to Sno-Flake’s to get an ice cream cone. Newly remodeled Sno-Flake is back and better than ever. A chocolate vanilla swirl in a cone with a cup on the side is my order every time. Be warned the servings tend to be huge so getting a kid serving is by no means a small order.

~Day 5~ A cloudy day with a chance of thunderstorms meant our last day was spent inside playing family games. The night before we had our yearly game(s) of Old Maid. This has been a tradition since my dad was a kid, and boy are we competitive. A night of games with my family is not complete without everyone making fun of everyone else, potential cheating (which is always denied), possibly Gregorian chant being played on the iPad courtesy of my grandpa, and tears from laughing so hard.  My brother ended as the official Old Maid for the year and we started a friendly game of Uno. …That proceeded to last 2 hours and we had to wait to finish till the next morning. In total our one round of Uno lasted a full 24 hours almost 5 hours being play time, where no one was safe from the dreaded +4, having up to 30 cards in their hands, and another person casually commenting what color the person having two cards left has so everyone else can gang up and stop them from winning.



All in all, it was a perfect vacation. What does your family do for summer vacation? Do you have a go-to family game night game?


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