Into the Upside Down- Stranger Things Experience

Since its premiere in 2016 Stranger Things has quickly become a favorite of many. I know I got sucked in when I binged it with my brother before season 2 came out. (I was a bit late to the party) Season One is by far my favorite because I think it’s the best overall season but I am invested and the pushback of season four is not something I am happy about. 

While we are all waiting for the next season to finally grace our televisions there is another way to visit Hawkins.

Located in downtown LA, Hawkins has been brought to life in the Stranger Things Drive in Experience.

Drive your car through the Starcourt Mall where all your favorite characters pass by on their bikes and where you can actually buy some snacks. (Some Scoops Ahoy anyone?)

A drive-in movie and a haunted house experience all in one you get to journey through not only the Starcourt Mall but into the Upside Down and are immersed in the Stranger Things world, all seasons combined. With a little of what is to come next sprinkled in too.

By turning your radio to the station on the signs you get an all-access pass to what happens around you in Hawkins for an hour or so without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle. 

I got to go last weekend with my Nino for my cousin’s birthday. While it was not exactly what I imagined it was going to be, it was a great way to get out of the house.

The best part is the character interactions. Like the demogorgons and Russians coming up to your car, or Steve, Robin and Dustin including you in their adventure. 

You drive into the upside down and get to experience moments from all the seasons.

I think they could have included more characters coming up to and past your car and such but they also did a great job with what they had to work with. The experience happens throughout a parking structure so it makes sense that there was only so much they could do. 

My absolute favorite moment was when one of the Russian characters came at our car and slammed into the door and we all screamed, even though we saw him coming.  Check out my Instagram to see some videos from that day 🙂

Overall I would recommend checking it out. It was fun to have somewhere to go even if you just stayed in the car the whole time. Don’t forget to dress in your favorite 80s inspired outfit to really feel apart of the experience and watch out for the demogorgans.

Which is your favorite season?

Visit the website for the Drive In HERE

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