How to Minimize the Stress of Finals

How to Minimize the Stress of Finals |Thoughts&Daisies

The end of the semester is coming and can you BE more excited? No more classes, no more projects, no more stress, a moment to breathe… then it hits you. You still have to take your finals. The panic sets in. How are you going to come out of this on top? No matter how many times I take finals it always manages to fill me with an impending sense of dread. But fear not, there are ways to make it feel a little less horrible.

Don’t procrastinate

I know I am quite guilty of this. My professors will remind us that we have final projects or that there is a bigger part to the final than we are used to on tests and I will just brush off their warnings claiming I can do whatever I need to later… And later usually ends up being too late. So to combat this…


Create a study schedule

There is a lot to do in a short amount of time and it can be extra hard to keep everything in check when your mind is filled to the brim with facts and dates and tasks. Don’t keep everything crammed in your brain and hope you remember. Instead, write out a list of everything you need to study and create a schedule that works for you to get through it. Prioritize what will take the most time and which things need a little extra study time to help minimize any unnecessary time-consuming work.

Actually study

Studying is really no fun when you could be going out with friends instead, but if you make it a point to study for your finals ahead of time, at least a little bit at a time, then you still have a ton of time to go out with friends and when finals come you won’t feel like you are ill-prepared because you have been preparing.


Don’t panic

Panicking will get you nowhere. Instead of panicking figure out all of the things that you could do to most benefit yourself. Is it putting away anything distracting and reading your notes or textbook? Is it making flashcards or a quizlet page? What about getting some people together to help you study?


Don’t pull an all-nighter

While the easiest thing to do when you are feeling unprepared is to cram and pull an all-nighter, this may end up completely backfiring and all of that time will have been for nothing. All-nighters just make you feel extra tired when you are taking your test and how is that supposed to help your brain remember the answers? Instead stay up a little later than usual studying any material you can muster your brain into remembering, get some sleep, and wake up earlier than you would have to- and get in an extra minute of reviewing. It will surely benefit you more in the long run.


Finals will be over before you know it, I hope these tips helped. What other ways do you work to survive finals week?


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