Getting Styled by a Fashion Student- Part 2

You all loved my first “My Fashion Student Friend styles me for a week” post so much that we knew we had to do a part two!

Where last time she styled me for a week of going to class this week we wanted to create outfits based on events or themes. It was so fun to have a reason to dress up and get out of my same rotation of sweats.

You can read the first post Here

Sunday: Museum Painting

The Inspo: By Jules-Cyrille Cavé

The whole plan behind this theme was to create an outfit such as what we might see in a painting at an Art Museum. Pairing my thrifted long black skirt with my Charming Charlie (I’m still sad this store is gone) white lace neck top worked wonders for this theme. 

I pulled my hair back into a low bun and added pearl bobby pins and wore my vintage style heels. My brother asked why I looked like Mary Poppins, but I’ll take it. 

Monday: Disney Day

A pair of jeans and a Cinderella tee would be perfect Disney outing attire. Paired with white boots, a Cinderella backpack (isn’t this the CUTEST THINGS), and of course some Mickey ears, I was all ready to go. 

The Disney Day outfit made me sad because now I really want to go to Disneyland. I could see myself wearing this whole outfit. Except maybe the shoes. 

It was fun to pretend. 

Tuesday: Celebrity-Taylor Swift

After Taylor gave us not one but TWO albums last year it was only right for the celebrity-inspired day to be her. A comfy cozy Evermore inspired look was just the thing for a cooler California day. 

My gray sweater is actually a tunic length, but I just tied it up to try and recreate Taylor’s look.

Which album is your favorite: Folklore or Evermore?

Wednesday: Pink Day

For Pink Day we went with a Strawberry Shortcake inspired look

My mom grew up loving Strawberry Shortcake and I did too. The 2003 show was my favorite. I still have all my DVDs and they smell like Strawberries! When I was four I even dressed up as her for Halloween.

I got the pink skirt from Thredup a few months ago and my friend paired it with a plain white long sleeve and a pink bandana. I wore some heart earrings and a heart necklace because I didn’t have any strawberry themed jewelry. Adding my pink Everlane heels and posing with a Strawberry Shortcake cup pulled the whole look together. 

Did you have a favorite Strawberry Shortcake friend?

I loved Angelcake. 

Thursday: Preppy

I don’t wear too many preppy outfits, nor do I own a lot of trendy preppy clothing. My friend says preppy looks are really in style lately and we had to do one. She let me borrow her navy plaid skirt and black blazer for this look. The white collared blouse (which is actually sleeveless) was mine and I just paired it with my navy Keds.  

You can’t see it in any of the photos (oops) but I pulled my hair into a low ponytail with a black bowed scrunchie. I also thought pairing this look with a cute tote, a book, and a notebook was perfect. 

Not my normal everyday look but I felt cute sitting in my backyard.

Friday: Book World Look- Game of Thrones

The Friday look of this series was Game of Thrones inspired. It took us forever to figure out a book world that had a style we could use, or a movie/tv look we could find in my closet that wouldn’t look like something else we already styled.  I have never seen Game of Thrones or read the book, but it was the perfect outfit choice for a cloudy and really windy Friday.

I had a hard time figuring out what to do for a photo. All I think I know about Game of Thrones is there is a throne, probably some swords and a dragon. So I decided to try and edit myself into what I think it looks like. My brother couldn’t stop laughing.  

The black turtleneck is from Thredup and the poncho is from Charming Charlies. (Again that store had great stuff and I miss it.)

I had a ton of fun attempting to recreate a hairstyle from the show. I think it turned out okay.  Though in these photos you can’t really see it…

Saturday: Royal Wedding

This was probably my favorite theme and outfit of the entire styling week.

The wedding theme meant I got to look super fancy, pull out some fun jewelry, and I even got to break out one of my fancy hats!!! Fun fact: I made this hat when I was maybe 8 at an ‘etiquette class’ in Lake Tahoe. It was one of my favorite things to do when I was little because then we would have a tea party (of lemonade and snacks) in the garden.  

To make the black and white polka dot dress more festive I wore my new pink Everlane Day Heels. I have been eying these shoes for a few years now and finally got them in black and pink for half off. I sized up a half after reading reviews and it was the right choice. I cannot wait to actually wear them not just inside my house. 

My great grandma’s pearls, my mom’s wedding earrings, a shawl, and a clutch pulled this whole outfit together. I could really imagine myself at the Royal Wedding, but totally just as one of the people who stand outside hoping to catch a glimpse. 😂

Also, can things just be good so I can wear this entire outfit to a gathering? This outfit deserves to be worn outside the four walls of my home. Please and thank you. 

I hope you enjoyed part two of this series!

Which outfit was your favorite? 

Let me know what other posts you would like to see from me!

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