Favorite Springtime Flowers

Spring is my favorite time of the year. The weather starts to be warm but I can still go outside without sweating the very second I open the door. The air even has a feeling of happiness. The plants grow buds and start flowering and everywhere you look something beautiful is starting to grow. I always think about Bambi during the springtime when all the animals are getting ‘twitterpated,’ and when Bambi first tries to smell the flowers and instead finds the skunk who he calls a flower. “He can call me Flower if he wants too.”

Now living in Ohio 9 months of the year spring has a whole new meaning. It means the snow is gone and I can actually go outside without freezing. Which means spring has gotten a whole lot more special because I actively anticipate it and can really see everything taking on new life after the winter. It’s beautiful.

My favorite thing about spring may just have to be all of the flowers that bloom. They start to take over everything and add so much color to the world.  And spring has the best flowers.



Tulips may be my favorite spring flower. When spring comes you can be certain my mom has tulips lining the rooms of our home. Tulips are said to signal the arrival of spring so once you see them you can be sure spring has officially come. (Take that groundhog.) They come in a gorgeous array of colors too. From pastel pinks to deep vibrant purples there is a tulip color for just about everyone.



The Iris is a flower that has been linked back to the monarchy of Medieval times, particularly the French because they are a symbol of royalty and wisdom. Particularly because they are purple and historically purple has been a royal color because purple had cost more to produce as a dye because of its rarity in nature. My mom has an iris plant in our front yard and when it blooms it is stunning because the flower gets really big and full. I also love it for its purple color as purple is and has always been my most favorite color.



Daffodils are flowers that symbolize new beginnings and rebirth as they bloom right in the beginning weeks of spring. Daffodils have jumped up the rankings for me the past two years as they are flowers that bloom all over my campus in the spring and it is stunning to see them peaking out even in the strangest of places. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and these flowers just scream spring to me. I always think of the scene in Alice in Wonderland when they sing In the Golden Afternoon, the lines “there are dancing daffodils on the hillside” I always thought they were cute flowers.


What if your favorite springtime flower?

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Favorite Springtime Flowers |Thoughts&Daisies
Favorite Springtime Flowers |Thoughts&Daisies
Favorite Springtime Flowers |Thoughts&Daisies
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