Fashion Student Picks my Outifts for a Week

For the blog this week I thought it would be fun to do a challenge. Way back in my sophomore year of High School this same friend wanted to dress me for a week. (I swear it was the week I got a compliment on my outfit every single day. Since I was wearing something other than a tee, flannel, or sweatshirt with my jeans.) Fast forward about 6 years and she is now a fashion student. So I thought it would be fun to have her try and dress me for a week again!

The catch with this challenge? This time I don’t have a full closet of clothes in my dorm and she couldn’t bring me anything. We facetimed before the week started to compile the outfits.

On that call, I learned many a thing about styling outfits.

Like, apparently red is not a neutral color just because it is a solid colored shirt. I guess I don’t know what basics consist of nor don’t have enough of them. As she kept telling me when I pulled out a total of 4 things she considered basic staples. 

Another big thing I learned is a blazer is not, and I repeat not, a coat. Which I learned after I stated I didn’t have any coats like that and she audibly gasped. I also made her job extra difficult with my sparse wardrobe when she kept asking if I had things like: a white button down, a pair of over the knee boots, different styles of jeans, or any shoes that were not a black Doc Martens or converse. (To be fair I DO in fact have other shoes, they are just not at school.)

The number one take away from this for me was that I guess some people take most of their wardrobes with them to college. Or maybe just fashion students do this, but who knows. (Tell me in the comments how much of your wardrobe you take with you to college so we can settle this debate!)

Now onto what everyone is waiting for



The Inspiration.

black and white striped long-sleeved shirt. Pic by @karolinlisa

For the start of the week, she chose my green striped button down to style around.  Adding black jeans, my mint converse, and my white belt. I accessorized in gold to match the belt loop color. 

Fun fact: try to match your shoes to your belt to appear more stylish. Because I don’t have any white shoes like she had wanted she settled for me wearing my Mint Converse

We styled the top by tucking it in and having one side be a bit looser than the other. Though I am not sure I accomplished it exactly. Then I pulled my hair back into my version of a ‘sleek’ bun, though throughout the day it got less and less sleek because humidity 

Outfit details: Green top- H&M, Black Jeans- Charlotte Russe, Shoes- Converse, Belt- Target


The Inspiration.

The item she styled around for this outfit was my brown corduroy skirt. She knew she wanted to pair it with a denim jacket, and had to settle for me only having dark denim. On the plus side, my denim jacket has Wall-e and Eve on the back so I think it more than makes up for it.

A white long sleeve and black tights were a must because it is fall and cold in Ohio. I had to remind her of this fact a few times considering she can still dress for summer in the crazy 100-degree weather still going on there. She wanted heeled boots, preferably in brown and I pulled out the only pair I had and she said she could accept them. I threw my hair in a messy braid and added gold jewelry to complete the look for day two!

Outfit details: Skirt- F21, Top- Macy’s, Shoes- Target, Jacket- BoxLunch Necklace- Kohls


The Inspiration.

For Wednesday she wanted a look similar to Haley Baldwin’s oversize tee grunge look. My only extra oversized shirt was my The Lightning Thief the Musical tee that I got when I saw the show.

(You can read my review of the musical here)

 I also only have one pair of shorts, so she had to make do with that too. (Sorry Mel ;p) Adding the tights once again, she specifically told me I had to wear the sheer ones, my Doc Martens, and silver jewelry. We had an outfit. I put my hair in a low messy ponytail and called it a day. 

Outfit details: Top- LTMusical Tour, Shorts- WaxLA (Thredup), Shoes- Docs, Jewelry- AE


The Inspiration.

Weekend Wear outfit featuring a slip dress, duster cardigan, OTK boots, and a leopard clutch. // Click through to the post on A Lo Profile to shop!

This outfit was planned around my navy dress. She approved of my gray cardigan to wear over it and once again I wore my docs, tights, and gold jewelry.

I put on a thicker pair of tights this day since it was colder and did a messy half-up hairstyle. I have styled this outfit almost identically in the past, though I normally wear some fun tall socks with it, so I felt incredibly in the fashion know-how when she chose this. 

Outfit details: Dress- Charlotte Russe, Shoes- Docs, Cardigan- Hollister


The Inspiration.

Shared by bbdi0r. Find images and videos about fashion, outfit and look on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

Today’s look was all about styling sweats into a monochromatic airport outfit. I definitely felt like I was being photographed by the paparazzi on a travel day so her vision was fulfilled. The gray sweats were probably the only item I was able to pull out of my closet when she asked if I had something.

I had to go get a jacket at the store to complete this look. I love the jacket I found, especially since I was in need of a jacket for the fall. For some reasons I sent all my fall jackets home with my mom, not a smart idea. She had asked for a blazer for a lot of the outfits (something I didn’t have) and this was as good as I could do. Is this a blazer? I am not sure, but it is cute and cozy anyhow. 

To finish the look I work my oversized #NastyListener hoodie from a radio show I listen to, my black converse, and some double twist braids in my hair. Plus she had me add gold hoops and I put on my FAVORITE pair. They are a perfect size and I bought myself them before coming back to campus this fall.

 I even tried to make my converse be styled ‘fancier’ by tying them different than normal. #Icanfashion

This was definitely the comfiest outfit I wore all week and it was perfect for the chilly stormy Friday when I only had zoom university classes. 

Outfit details: Jacket- Target, Hoodie-CatholicGuyShow, Sweats- Theo&Spence, Shoes-Converse, Sunglasses- Loft, Earrings-TheLittleCatholic


The inspiration.

Southern Curls & Pearls: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Guide + $1,500 Giveaway!

Today’s outfit was centered around the flannel! I love flannels, they were my GO TO all throughout the second half of high school. I wore one practically half the week. So I was very happy with this outfit.

For added warmth, she told me to wear my color-blocked chunky cardigan over it, jeans, and my red converse. (She in fact wanted knee-high brown boots for this look but of course, I didn’t have any so Converse again for the win!)

She also asked that I wear my hair down and curled that day. A thumbs up from me since that meant I didn’t have to do anything to get it like this. #naturallycurly

Outfit details: Flannel- Aeropostale , Jeans- Macys, Shoes-Converse


The inspiration.

She really wanted to style me in a plaid skirt. I in fact do not own and don’t think have ever owned a plaid skirt. When I went to the store I looked and there was none to be found so instead she went with the next best thing, a plaid dress I owned.

Another piece she wanted to use all week was a turtleneck top and this day I wore both. This final day was another tights day plus the docs. She had wanted me to do my hair with a headband but I don’t have any so we settled with me using a black bandana and tying it like a headband.

I felt incredibly preppy in this outfit. My first thought was Rory Gilmore going to Chapman in the Gilmore Girls. I had never thought to style this dress this way, I thought it turned out really cute.

Outfit details: Dress- Aeropostale, Turtleneck- Thredup, Shoes- Docs, Bandana- Vintage Madonna Concert Bandana

Final Thoughts

I thought she did a great job with what I had for her to work with. Some of the outfits were things I never would have chosen myself so it was fun to dress a bit different for a week. I will say I don’t think I have ever worn tights that many days in a row since I was maybe five.

I even went through a whole phase for about 6 years where I REFUSED to wear tights since I hated the feeling of the seam by my toes. One year for Halloween my costume came with tights and I cut the toe part off, that’s how much I hated tights.

Now I wear them more, especially as a layer under jeans in the winter cause it is COLD in Ohio! I had a ton of fun not having to choose anything to wear all week and just letting her handle all the styling.

We are already planning a part 2 once I am home so she can work out of a more full wardrobe! So stay tuned 🙂

Comment below what your favorite outfit was and if there are any outfit themes you want us to try for part 2!

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2 thoughts on “Fashion Student Picks my Outifts for a Week

  1. Zobbie McMahon

    So fuuuun! Going to have to ask her to come over and help me look good for a week hahaha! Is the Madonna bandana your Papi’s? Lol. You look so pretty baby girl, I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.


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