Dorm Move in Day

Within the next few weeks colleges are going to go back in session. Which means classes and homework and tests, but before all that you have to go back. If you are like me, going back does mean MOVING back to campus. Moving is never as easy as you want it to be. So in honor of going back to school, I am giving you my tips to have a successful dorm move-in day!

~Get to the dorm early~

The early bird really does get the worm.

If you want to get ahead of the crowd get there early. This guarantees you a good parking spot with easy access to unload your things. Plus if you are the first one to your room you get to choose whichever side of the room you want.

~Organize your packing~

While there is the temptation to just randomly pack everything together because it seems easier (Trust me that is how I felt when I had to pack everything in the car and drive across the country) DON’T do it! It doesn’t have to be perfect, but by putting ‘like’ things together you won’t be searching for a pillowcase, and instead, finding shower shoes. Things for the bathroom together, bed area things together, desk things, etc.

~Make sure you have people to help~

Grab some family members or friends who aren’t busy and get them to help. It will make the process of moving everything from the car super quick and if you can convince them to help you unpack too, even better. Last year my mom set up everything for my bed and my dressers, while I worked on unpacking clothes into my closet.

~Don’t make your things too heavy cuz STAIRS~

Plain and simple. Cuz Stairs. If the things that have to be moved are heavy, and then have to be hauled up flights of stairs, you are going to be wishing you didn’t pack any of it.

~Utilize the carts~

I am not sure about other schools, but mine at least had giant carts to take things from the cars to the buildings. This was great to pile everything in and go up the elevator. My family, of course, didn’t know about this and carried everything ourselves, but if they have those carts and an elevator in my new building you can be sure we will be using it.

I hope this will help your own move-in day. Comment below when you start school and if this is your first move-in day, or if you are now a pro at it!

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