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Come what May, Favorites

Come What May Favorites |Thoughts&Daisies

Things to wear, things to listen to, and more. It is time for monthly favorites for the month of MAY! There are some GREAT things on the list so let’s jump in.


Livho Blue Light Glasses 

I have shared blue light glasses before and I am doing it again. When quarantine started and I was disappointed my pair was trapped at school in Ohio I knew I wanted another pair. I grabbed mine from Livho on Amazon and I really do love them. They help me with eyestrain and keeping away headaches from staring at my screen. 

Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses for Women Men,TR90 Light Weight Frame Anti Eyestrain UV Lens LI5025 (Matte Black+Tortoise)

I was even able to get a two-pack (one for me and one for my brother) for under $20. What a steal! And look how cute the turtle shell frames are. If you have been debating getting some I highly recommend these. 

Target Sun Hat

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a giant straw hat. I keep seeing them on Instagram and Pinterest and have yet to find one I liked in my budget. ($56 for a big sun hat? I think NOT) Then came a quick Target run for groceries when I happened to stumble upon the hat aisle. I saw this one and knew it was perfect. It is super wide-brimmed but not way too floppy. It holds its shape nicely and the string bow detail is so cute! 

Here is the link to the one I have

(Wide Brim Sun Hat)

What I’m Using

Hairitage by Mindy Shampoo and conditioner

I have curly hair. Curly hair 99 times out of 100 does it’s best to be difficult and tends to not like many products. Especially the expensive curly haired product that you try to buy to make it happy. So at the beginning of quarantine, I decided I was going to try this. I have followed Mindy and her family for a few years now and they all have beautiful hair and I have seen many reviews from another fellow curly-haired people that this shampoo is pretty good. Every product in the Hairitage line is under $8 so I felt like I had nothing to lose.

 All the products are vegan, color-safe, cruelty-free and have none of that other gunk we are constantly told not to put in our hair. At first, I was worried that the fragrance would be too strong but after the second use I have gotten used to it and it smells good. I have been using the Outta my Hair Gentle Shampoo and Tame the Mane Conditioner and even ask my mom, my curls have been looking MUCH better. 

Here is the link to check out all her products

Laptop Case

I have been wanting a cute laptop cover for a while. I saw this one watching a YouTuber Julia K Crist and bought it the next day. It matches my daisies aesthetic and came with a laptop screen protector AND a gel keyboard cover. I just really like it. 


Where I’m Shopping


I am OBSESSED with Thred Up. It is a perfect way to shop for quality pieces to add my wardrobe without breaking the bank. I have never been a fan of online shopping because I am never able to figure out sizing, but they make it easy but saying what the measurements for each item are. I have a Thred Up haul coming next month where I will tell you more about it so be on the lookout!

What I’m Listening to

The Office Ladies with Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey. The podcast is the ladies from the show The Office watching each episode, in order, and then they talk about it, adding a TON of behind the scenes information. After my roommate got me to watch the show I was missing having more Office material and this was perfect. So far they have gotten through up to the second episode of season 3. I am about a month behind on episodes but I am eager to listen. 

Noah Kahan. He is an American singer and his music is folky-pop and I think his voice is so smooth and nice to listen to. I have a lot of his music on repeat lately and it is always a good option. 

What I’m Watching

Downton Abbey. 

I needed a new show to get into during quarantine. After watching a documentary on Highclere Castle, where Downton is filmed, on Amazon Prime last month my mom and I decided we needed to watch the show. We are only in season 2 so NO SPOILERS. So far I am liking it and have started to become invested in these characters’ lives.  

The Aquarium on Animal Planet.

I love the ocean and sea creatures so much at one point I really thought I was going to be a Marine Biologist. My mom found the show and recorded an episode and now I have the whole season recorded. The show follows the lives of the aquarium biologists and animals they care for at the Georgia Aquarium and it is just a really interesting, fun watch. 

Let me know what your favorites for the month of May in the comments below!


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May Favorites | Thoughts & Daisies
May Favorites
Come What May- Monthly Favorites |Thoughts & Daisies
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2 thoughts on “Come what May, Favorites

  1. Emma :)

    Dude! I started watching Animal Planet so much since last summer that my mom said to me, “you know you can still change you major right?!” I love “The Aquarium” and all of “The Zoo” shows they have. There is a sort of new show that just started called “Save by the Barn” which is all about barn animals getting rescued. Since you like The Aquarium you might like this one too! 🙂


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