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Navigating Disneyland at Christmastime


“When you wish upon a star…”

Disneyland. The Happiest Place on Earth is always a place filled with magic but during Christmastime, it is really something extra special. The lights and the parades and the stylized baked goods make everything feel more magical than usual.  The past few years my family has been making a trip out of Disneyland at Christmas. So if you are up to sharing the park with an excess of people you have to visit during Christmas Time. Just make sure you have a plan when you go. Read on to see some of my favorite things to make a Disney trip great.

My family likes to get to the park right when it opens to maximize our time in the park. When you get there earlier the parks are also less crowded which means wait times will not be as crazy as they will be later into the day. This also gives you a chance to head to rides that hold the longest wait times throughout the day. We like to do Star Tours (probably our favorite ride in the entire park) or Space Mountain first as those do tend to get more crowded . Especially Space Mountain which is known for it’s up to three hour wait times.

Another thing we do to maximize what we are able to do throughout the day is to get fast passes for our ‘must ride’ attractions. Fast passes are probably the best way to utilize your time well. With a fast pass, your wait time can go from the would be an hour(s) to around 15 minutes. Just remember you can only hold one fast pass at a time until you use it, or until the time at the bottom of the pass has passed. Be warned that fast pass times for popular rides go fast. Continue reading

8 Hours in San Francisco

Because it was so -highly- requested (*Waves* Hi Tio W), here’s a snapshot of my 8 hours in San Francisco! On our way back from Lake Tahoe, my family decided to take a small detour to the bustling city of San Fran to see the San Francisco Giants play the Marlins. So we took the three-hour journey from South Tahoe to the city.

We crossed the Bay Bridge into the city where my brother proceeded to play the theme to Full House. If only I knew how to upload videos to the blog. Then you could have seen how proud he was of this. (Anyone know if uploading videos is actually a thing?) We drove up one of the insanely steep roads that always stress me out in case the car starts rolling backward down it like the ‘stang in the Princess Diaries. As usual, that did not happen and we safely made it to our hotel.

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Lake Tahoe Summer Vacay

There is nothing like a Lake Tahoe Summer! Every year for the past ten years at least I have gone to Lake Tahoe (or Lake Taco, as little me used to say) to stay with my grandparents in the house they have up there. While this year I spent only about 5 days in Lake Tahoe, it was 5 days well spent.

~Day 1~ It was really a half day because it was also the day we drove up. After a long LONG  journey from my SoCal home, we got to Tahoe around 3 which is not too bad. Early enough to shower and have a late lunch before we went off to dinner at Scusa’s. A little Italian place down the street, where they have garlic bread… that somehow my grandpa always has a free coupon for… and lobster ravioli that hits the spot every time. Continue reading