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The Lightning Thief Musical, Practically Perfect

‘Look I didn’t want to be a Halfblood’

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I have been a fan of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series since I was in 5th grade right before the final book came out. When I had first learned of the musical I was skeptical. I mean how could I not be after the movies… *shudder* But then I started following along and realized it was nothing like the movies. For one they actually had a blonde Annabeth.

So of course when I found out the musical was touring I had to see if I could get tickets and 8 months later I finally got to go.

Here is everything you need to know about why the Lightning Thief is the perfect musical for Percy Jackson fans!

Percy and Annabeth.

Chris McCarrell and Kristin Stokes do a fantastic job at portraying these characters. These are two of my favorite characters of all time and I can say that I think they were wonderful at it. They are able to show the progression of their relationship throughout the first book and help the audience to see just how perfect these two are together. As well as show each characters individual struggles and dreams and how their past has influenced them as they journey through this show.

Also, Kristin’s performance of “My Gran Plan,” one of my favorite songs, was stunning and I could see everything I know about Annabeth in all of the books in this.

SOO true to the book.

The fans of Percy Jackson have not always been fortunate with adaptations… but this musical is really a fan’s dream. From having practically word for word lines from the book to chapter titles being used as dialogue (Supreme Lord of the Bathroom) and even some sneaky references to other books one can’t help but be sucked in. It was really like watching the scenes from the books play out in front of you as you were reading.

Ryan Knowles playing Medusa and Poseidon and literally like 5 other people. 

I don’t know how his voice has as much range as it does but WOW. He was fantastic at all of his roles but especially when he played Medusa. My brother who wasn’t too happy about me making him come loved this part in the show. I was really pleased about the scene with Medusa because I love it in the book and I think how the musical captures it was wonderful. As they are “impertinent’’ *winky face*

The live band!

The use of a live band really helps to set the mood for each scene and each character theme. It encapsulates the rock musical feel and propels the storyline forward especially on all of the travel scenes.

The use of light and set.

The lights that are incorporated are fantastic at helping to enhance what is happening in the scene. From the use of blue light for not only just Percy Jackson as a whole but to create an underwater feel to red lights creating a dripping effect as in a cave and to create things like the underworld and Tartarus. The set is very minimal but everything is used to its fullest potential to portray vehicles and camp and used for exposition during songs and tales of the past.

Smelly Gabe.

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Ten Years of Wicked

I’ve always loved musicals. Just about anything that had singing and dancing I loved. My mom has videos of me dancing around the house in my tutus worn over Bear in the Big Blue House pajama pants, or screaming singing at the top of my lungs to The Wiggles ‘Hot Potato.’ But the love I had for musicals was different then, more just a general love, like I loved my princess car or going out for ice cream. Ten years ago that love changed into something else, all due to one musical. Wicked.

I was nine when I started wondering about Wicked. One of my best friends had gone to see it. She had come to school in her new Wicked tee telling me all about it. I was intrigued. I went to her house practically every day after school at this point, and she played the soundtrack for me explaining the plot and what her favorite songs were. I can still remember us from then. Her plugging in a CD player into the wall of her front lawn. Us singing “Popular” over and over until we knew all words and dancing around the lawn creating choreography. I remember telling my mom about how great the show sounded and that I wanted to see it. Mostly because my friend had seen it and now obviously I wanted to.  I didn’t want to feel left out. Continue reading

On Your Feet The Musical

For my birthday in April, my Tió got me tickets to the musical On Your Feet. After three months of waiting, this past weekend I got to go see it. On Your Feet is the story of Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio and their lives from leaving Cuba to becoming stars. I wanted to see this musical because I grew up listening to Gloria and the Miami Sound Machine. She is my mom’s favorite singer and her CDs are constantly being played around my house. Seeing the production just made me want to see Gloria live all that much more.

"Wrapped in your arms where it's peaceful. Back in your arms where I'm happy"

I loved the costuming that was done and I found myself wishing I could take them home. They did a great job of recreating the outfits Gloria has worn throughout her career. One of my favorite things from this production was the way they choreographed and blocked the scenes. The scene of Gloria’s surgery was probably my favorite part of the whole show. The costuming of everyone wearing white and the lighting choices with everything being cloaked in a dark blue while the spotlights followed Gloria was mesmerizing.

Though I may be a bit biased considering that scene also included my favorite song “Wrapped.” It was a beautiful scene and I would be lying if I said I did not shed a tear. (At this part and many others.)

Gloria’s abuela was one of my favorite characters. She was comical and extremely sentimental at the same time. I wish she was in even more of the show.

Overall, this show was enjoyable to watch from the music to the dancing and everything in between, and I would definitely recommend it.

You can find out more about this show >>HERE<<

What’s your favorite Gloria Estefan song?