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Songs For People Who ‘Hate’ Classical Music

Classical Music and even just instrumental music, in general, does not get enough love as it deserves. It can be often described as “boring” and “all sounding the same,” but this type of music is anything but that. I love listening to classical and instrumental music on car rides, walking to classes, doing homework, or just relaxing around the house. Although, the one difficult thing with classical music is you can’t google search a piece by just saying “the one piece where the flutes do some really high part.”


Classical/Instrumental music has many benefits to it. It has been proven to decrease blood pressure, increase productivity, and boost memory. It is also good for helping to increase creativity, and some studies have found that it can alleviate symptoms of depression.

I am here to share with you some of my favorite classical pieces as well as some pieces for the people who claim they hate it. Continue reading

Music of the Week

As a music minor, it is only fitting that much of my days revolve around music. When I get up, in the car, doing work, even sometimes in my dreams, music is either playing aloud or in my head. So new to the blog this week is my Tunes of the Week.

A lot of new music has been coming out in recent weeks from artists I like, so here are the three albums I have been listening to the most. Continue reading