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The One with the Trifle

Every major holiday my family likes to make a new dish. Sometimes it’s an appetizer, sometimes a side dish, but this year it was dessert. 

My mom and uncle have been into FRIENDS since it aired and this year my brother started watching, which meant the only choice for Thanksgiving dessert had to be Rachel’s English Trifle. For all those unfamiliar with this famous dessert from the Season 6 Thanksgiving episode, Rachel is in charge of dessert and was going to make a traditional English Trifle. The only problem is the pages were stuck together and she doesn’t notice she put part of a Shepard’s pie in. 


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Remembering October


Would it even actually be Fall if you don’t go on a Fall themed adventure? Of course not, and this year I actually got with the program and went on one. My roommate and I decided to spend one of the rare sunny Ohio days out and about. So we left campus and drove 40 minutes to an apple farms kids fall fest. Did we then pay 8 dollars to get into said fun fest? Yes. Was it totally worth it? Yes, yes it was.  Continue reading

19 Halloween Movies To Watch

This time of the year is always fun because it is the best movie-watching time. Since the weather usually begins to get suckish (I’m looking at you Ohio) there is no better way to spend your time than to curl up in your cozy clothes, grab a warm drink and snack, and watch some movies. Plus the ‘spooky’ season of October has some great movies and having a movie night in really is one of my favorite ways to spend an evening. Here is a list of 19 Halloween time movies that I recommend. 

Disclaimer: I am not a horror movie fan so don’t expect to see those on here, but my movies choices are just as fun! 

  1. Hocus Pocus  unnamed-12.png

One of my favorite Halloween movies Hocus Pocus is a must-watch movie this time of the year.  Albeit it totally scared me for the longest time.

2. Corpse Bride


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At War with the Squirrels

At War With the Squirrels |Thoughts&Daisies

It seems that there is a theme among college campuses where the squirrels there are just weird. Here in Ohio, we have a TON of squirrels on campus and they can really be strange. Such as being seen eating Takis out of the trash or jumping on your window.


(actual photo of the squirrel that jumped on my window)

I now have begun a war with them. But not in the way you would have thought.

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Trying Escargot

I’m not one to shy away from trying most foods, but something I never thought sounded very appetizing was escargot.

For anyone who doesn’t know escargot is a snail. 

Despite my “I’m not going to eat snail” way of life the weekend before school started, things changed. 


The fall of my freshman year my mom and uncle came to visit and we had wanted to go to a french place in Cleveland for brunch, but the line was too long. So after 2 years of waiting, we finally went.

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