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Halloween in Review 2018

“Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween”

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I have always loved Halloween. It gives an excuse to dress up for a day without anyone judging you, and then at night you get free candy during trick or treating. And who doesn’t like free candy? As you get older, things start to change and trick or treating is not really something done in college, but that doesn’t mean the day can’t be just as fun.

Last year my roommate and I threw a small Halloween gathering where we watched Halloween movies (like Mostly Ghostly and The Corpse Bride) and ate snacks and candy. This year was a bit different. Continue reading

3 Perfect Everyday Comfy Outfits for School

School is five days a week and when you spend up to 10 hours a day going to classes and extracurricular activities you want to be comfy. I know one of the things I hate most is sitting in a class and starting to feel uncomfortable in what I am wearing. It takes all your focus and at that point, you don’t want to be in class and you most certainly don’t want to be sitting there in your uncomfortable clothes. So today I am going to share with you 3 perfect everyday outfits for school that are sure to keep you stylish, but most importantly COMFORTABLE.

I will link my pieces down below!


A Tee Shirt and Jeans

Tee and JeansThere is nothing better than the good ole tee shirt and jeans. Cute, casual and oh so comfy. This combination is a win every time, and it is incredibly versatile. Any tee will work; a graphic tee, oversized, or just your favorite plain tee. Not to mention that same shirt can be worn different ways to change up the look. Try it tucked in, tied, or leave it loose to accent your comfort. Pair it with a jacket, flannel or cardigan, plus your favorite pair of shoes and you are all set to go. My go to is always my trusty Converse, but you could always pair it with booties or heels for a more put together look too. The shirt I’m wearing is from American Eagle. It is super soft and one of my favorite tees. Continue reading

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

You know in movies when characters are late for their travel plans so they are sprinting down streets, piers, and through airports?   When I was trying to get myself to college last weekend, I had one.

I was booked to take the Redeye flight from CA to OH. Which would get me to my college with time for a well-deserved nap before I had to start moving my stuff in. Everything was going according to plan. Until it wasn’t.


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We left for the airport just over four hours before the flight. My app said it would only take us about an hour and fifteen minutes,  leaving just under three hours left until the flight. It was perfect… and then one of the major freeways shut down without any notice. The map app said there was heavy traffic, and nowhere online could you find mention of the freeway shut down. Instead of the hour and fifteen minutes. It took us approximately THREE hours and fifteen minutes to complete the should be 50 minutes, without traffic, to drive to the airport lot. With another THIRTY minutes to drive to the correct terminal of the airport. By the time we got to a place where we could leave the car, my phone buzzed to let me know boarding was over.

I have never felt so panicked in my life, as I did after missing my flight. I started wondering if I was going to have to start taking all these random modes of transportation to get to school like in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. (One of my all time favorite movies!)

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I knew I would eventually get to college, but last-minute flights are EXPENSIVE, to say the least. Not something I could afford easily, and after standing in line for another hour to talk to someone about finding a new flight, they informed me the next plane wasn’t for another 12 hours. (Though the lady was exceptionally nice and didn’t charge me for the new ticket!) I had no idea what to do for that long. The idea of sleeping in the baggage claim area of the airport until the next day made my heart pound so loud you could almost hear it. Luckily, my mom wasn’t about to do that and, somehow, found us a last minute hotel room. (Which was also discounted for us by the nice man working at the front desk.)

Seven a.m. the next morning we headed back to the airport. This time completely on-time.  The new ticket was sadly not a direct flight. Instead, we flew to Houston and had an hour layover. I will say the Houston airport is HUGE and if I had more time I would have loved to explore all the shops and restaurants it has. Particularly, this one bookstore I passed. The flight from Houston to Ohio was only three hours and I passed the time by watching Pitch Perfect 3 and half of Ferdinand before we landed at our destination.  Only 21 hours later than anticipated. With time differences, we got there late at night and headed to bed for an early rise the next day to move into my dorm.


It was a crazy and stressful two days but I did not miss the first day of classes or my audition so, in the end, it was successful. Only after the panic and complications were over was I able to notice all of the things that went well in those moments. Like the airport employee not charging me for the tickets and the hotel employees giving us discounts. Even the plane having free movies was something that was unexpected but much appreciated. Although there was so much that went wrong in my travels, not all of it was bad. As humans in the midst of our busy schedules, we seem to forget that when things go wrong we still have to make sure to look at the things that went right. It is something I am learning, but still, have a long way to go. And if you were wondering if there were any trains don’t be discouraged there was. We went over the tracks to get to campus and the train could be heard from my dorm that night.

Have you ever missed your plane flight?

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Wearing Everything in my Closet

It is like a recurring nightmare. You open your closet. You have nothing to wear. It is filled to the brim, and you are starting to feel as though you hate everything you own. Yep, I have been there. I am there right now. My closet has accumulated many items over the year, maybe too many items of which have been there since before I started high school, and I have come to the conclusion that I need change.

It has also come to my attention after my friend looked at my closet and said “Alexandra why I have never seen you wear any of these things?” that I tend to wear the same 4 or 5 shirts over and over again. In a never-ending cycle. Which brings me back to the problem. I have too many things and I need to figure out what to do about it.  

The solution?

Try to wear everything in my wardrobe to determine what I do want to keep and what I need to get out of here asap.

To try and be sure I was grabbing more than the same few shirts I flipped all of my hangers around. That way after I wore an item I would flip the hanger back correctly and can work to avoid that article of clothing next time I looked for an outfit. I got this idea on Pinterest which is my go-to for anything and everything! Continue reading

Throwing a Summer Pool Party

Any excuse to throw a party is my kind of excuse. I am the type of person who loves to plan everything, so I love throwing a party for any occasion I can. With summer in full swing (!!!) who doesn’t want to have a pool party?

Here are my tips for planning a pool party all of your friends will love.

1. A Pool

A summer pool party wouldn’t be complete without a pool, but as it isn’t always a possibility, don’t worry about improvising. Turning on or buying a sprinkler, or having water guns or water balloons are great alternatives. Anything that lets you cool down in this summer heat will be a winner. Just don’t forget to have a supply of extra towels for all of your guests just in case someone forgets theirs.

2. Food

Summer is a great time to do something simple for food because it is just too hot to spend a bunch of time in a sweltering kitchen. My favorite choice for food is to make it a potluck. Have everyone bring something to share. Including, but definitely not limited too:

Fruit- my favorite during the summer is watermelon and pineapple. Especially after it has been in the fridge for a while so it is nice and cold. YUM!

Chips and dip, salsa, or guacamole, or even a combination of all three, you can never have too much food. And for something that makes you think of summer you can grill.

Burgers, hot dogs, veggies, and even some fruit, like pineapple, taste more like summer when they have grill marks on them. Continue reading

Family Filled Fourth of July

The fourth of July is not a holiday that I ever do much for. It tends to be a day of my mom cooking hot dogs, going swimming, and staying in to watch fireworks on tv. Even last year when I had plans, I ended up staying home because I got food poisoning. This year though, we invited my cousins and some close family friends to spend the fourth with us.

We had a ‘fire-sorta-work.’

Holidays at my house are always excuses to sit around, makes jokes, and eat food. A lot of food. Us kids spent the day in the pool, while the adults chatted around the BBQ and cooked. Just some of the food we had includes carne asada, bratwurst, and octopus potato salad. We cover a variety of cuisines at our family gatherings if you couldn’t tell.  

Would it be a family gathering without games and everyone being competitive? Of course not! All nine of us kids piled around the dining room table to duel to the death… aka play spoons and Uno. Although this time we did not have a round of Uno last even close to a whole day. Have you ever played spoons before? It is a favorite among this side of my family. We have had games with up to 20 people before, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

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Eventually, we took the party back outside, to the front yard this time, to play more games and to use the 300 poppers I had bought. They didn’t last very long but we sure had fun trying to do tricks with them. Like my one cousin making it pop off his knee, or you know, throwing them at each other…  In typical July Fourth fashion, we wanted to have fireworks and we did. Well… kind of. As my Nino so eloquently put it we had a ‘fire-sorta-work.’

Stress on the singularity of firework. We had a paper tank popper that my friend’s dad proceeded to salute as it popped and he hummed the national anthem. Cue the giggling from the younger kids and laughter/eye rolling from the other adults. All leading up to the finale of our fire-sorta-work. Happy Fourth everybody!  

Do you have any traditions for the Fourth of July?


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