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April Goals

April Goals |Thoughts & Daisies

Heading into the second week of April, although it feels like it has been 3 months since the start of it, there is still a long way to go. And this is going to be the most insane busy filled month I will have… at least until next semester.  And one of the best ways I’ve found to make sure I get everything done is to create a list.

You can read more about how I practice time management >HERE<


  • Finish out the semester strong.

This semester has been long, to say the least. I am pretty sure I came into this semester with my gas tank half full and right now I am running on fumes. If that. I may just be in neutral hoping I don’t get stuck on a hill. There is a lot to be done but I am still slightly optimistic and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. At least for now.

  • Perfect my German Rep.

This semester my voice teacher gave me a piece in German and it challenges me in every way possible. I have to sing it memorized in 2 weeks and it is going to take a lot of work to get me performance ready so fingers crossed I can find the time to accomplish this.

  • Read at least 1 book

I have been in a reading slump the past month and I am hoping I can nip it in the bud now. The books sitting on my shelf are ones I have been waiting to read for a while, and if I want to reach my reading goal for the year I need to get back on track.

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  • Swim at least once a week

Swimming is a big stress reliever for me so I am hoping by adding this to my list of goals I will make it a priority to take a break and swim.


  • Complete the 30 Day Challenge

I was excited to start this 30 Day Challenge because it would give me the motivation to write more posts, but I am also a week in and am wondering why I thought it was a good idea to do this during the craziest month ever.

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  • Get to 300 Followers on Instagram

I really want to expand my blog reach and I feel by growing my Instagram it will help make that happen. I have been staggering between 190 and 200 the past few weeks and I hope to make a leap and grow that to 300, or more! by the end of the month. Or at least by my 1 Year Blogiversary.  

  • Create Pinnable photos for each post

I have been slacking on creating pinnable content for each of my blog posts and what better time to get back on track than during the 30 Day Challenge??

  • Get to 50 Subscribers

I have gotten into creating newsletters within the last month or so and I would love to grow my reach in those as well. It would be awesome if I could get to 50+ by the end of this challenge. And don’t forget during this month there will be blog posts that are ONLY going out to me subscribers so don’t miss out!

These are just some of my goals for the month. Do you like these types of posts?

What are your goals for the month?! Let me know in the comments.

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April goals 1
April Goals |Thoughts & Daisies
April Goals |Thoughts & Daisies

7 Best Ways to Practice Time Management in College

Text placeholder.pngCollege can be stressful. Someone asks you when you are free to meet and you just sit there staring intensely wondering “Yea when AM I free?” It can be overwhelming and when you don’t have a system in place to combat the crazy it can be unmanageable. From one insanely busy college student to another I’m here to give you insight into 7 of the best ways I have found to practice time management in college.

1. Have a Planner

Whether this is on your phone, computer, or a written physical planner the only way you are going to be able to have time management is to know what your time looks like. I color code all of my items by subject to keep everything uniform. I also use both an electronic calendar as well as a physical planner to help me manage the aspects of my day. I write everything down that my teacher’s ask me to do and other things I have to do myself in my physical planner and later transfer that onto an electronic calendar. I use Google calendar and it is a lifesaver.

Not only do I input all of my assignments onto it I also input all of my classes, meetings, and extracurricular. Whether that me going to the gym, movie nights with friends, or vocal practice times you can be sure it is in my Google calendar. The thing I find most helpful about Google calendar is that I can set it to notify me before the event to keep me on track. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve almost forgotten a meeting or class because I got sidetracked or didn’t know what day it was, but then Google calendar was out here having my back making sure I remembered. (This is not a sponsored post I just really love Google calendar)

2. Don’t Overbook Yourself

This is when a planner comes in handy. No more scheduling multiple things at once, but another thing you have to watch out for is putting too much on your plate to where you can’t handle it. Whether this means not joining that club, or skipping going out with friends because you really should finish that paper before tomorrow, overbooking yourself will add an unreasonable amount of stress to your life. The hardest part is, we want to do so much in college that we hate the thought of missing out. Which brings me to my next point.

3. Don’t Hesitate to say No

It seems as college students there is this constant need to do anything and everything at this point in our lives. Like taking the extra class because for the credits. The extra work hours to make some extra money. We spread ourselves so thin because the hours in the day seem to keep getting shorter and we get FOMO (fear of missing out).

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This becomes a problem when all of this is stacked on top of each other, but there is a way to fight it. Learn to say no. I know it can be hard. But if you really need to take a night in and do homework or go to sleep early do it. Even if your friends ask you to go out. Do what is best for you at that moment and if it is to say ‘No’ you may feel sad about it at the moment but in the long run, you will be thanking your past self.

4. Get Things Done Ahead of Time

Procrastination is your worst enemy and it’s so easy too. When looking at homework vs watching Netflix, Netflix seems to win every time. To keep your time management goals start your homework, projects, and studying ahead of the time you assume you will. If you start working on things when you first get them you can spread out the amount of work you have to do in one sitting over a span of a few days. Which is my favorite way to work.

When I get a large load of work for different classes that are all due at different times I spread out the work and start small sections of big projects and then quickly finish the shorter assignments. By spreading out the work among multiple days when the deadline starts to come up I am not as stressed because I know I have been working on the assignment already.

5. Create Daily Task Lists

A big tip of mine that helps me to organize my time with my busy schedule is creating daily task lists. Even just mental lists help me to focus my energy on the more important things that need to happen for the day instead of worrying about everything that I need to get done.

Depending on what time I wake up for the day I will either lay in bed and plan or I do it while I walk to class. When I have more things that need to get done I like to write everything out on a notepad or on my phone. Itemizing your list by time is a big help. That way the things that need to be done earlier are the first things put onto the list. It also just helps to see your tasks laid out in front of you. Sometimes it may seem that everything that needs to get done is too much to handle but when you actually you write them down you realize there isn’t as much as you thought.

6. Set Reminders

I am a big fan of setting reminders for myself. If a teacher reminds me of a deadline in class or I remember I need to stop by the mailroom later in the day I will quickly put set a reminder in my phone to notify me of it. When the reminder pops up on my phone later I am more likely to do it than if I just tell myself to remember it. I can’t tell you how many times I tell myself “I don’t need to write it down because I’ll remember.”

Image result for i don't need to write that down i'll remember it

7. Prioritize

Last but not least, PRIORITIZE. There are just some things that I spend all day stressing out about until I realize that it isn’t even due for another few days. Then I have wasted my time on something pretty small instead of focusing on something that would have actually been worth my time. Don’t know just prioritize work, but prioritize things like eating, sleeping, or mental breaks. If you haven’t eaten all day, or keep staying up late because you weren’t doing your work earlier in the day nothing you do will be worth doing anyway.

Time management can seem like such an easy concept. Like “no duh” if I spend my time wisely I can do it all. But the reality is unless you are implementing the right tools for yourself managing your time in college can be stressful. I hope these tips help you get better at practicing time management in your daily life.

Let me know in the comments your favorite tip to help with time management.

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3 Super Easy Healthy Dorm Meals

It is really hard to eat as healthy as you would like when you are in college. Especially when the dining halls like to serve the same breakfast burritos and fried chicken every week. A good way to change up the same old boring meals and eat something more nutritious and delicious is to cook your own meal. This semester I am trying to take it upon myself to cook at least one meal a week. That way there is a variety in my diet as well as something I know will be healthy.  

Cleveland had its first big winter storm of the season this past weekend and not wanting to walk all the way to the dining hall in the cold (this SoCal girl doesn’t do well in freezing temps) my roommate and I opted to cook for the three day weekend. The meals were really easy to make and were pretty inexpensive. 


We had originally wanted to make avocado toast, but our avocados were not ripe yet so we are still waiting on that. Instead, we cooked up some warmed PBJ sandwiches. Which in my opinion is the best way to eat them, and then fried up some bacon, extra crispy. You can also put the bacon in the microwave if you wanted to and add a few extra minutes to the cook time for desired levels of crunch. Adding your desired fruit to your plates brings this to a ‘well-balanced meal’ status. We chose to add raspberries and they were the perfect touch of sweet/savory to our meal. Continue reading

Halloween in Review 2018

“Boys and girls of every age Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see This, our town of Halloween”

Related image

I have always loved Halloween. It gives an excuse to dress up for a day without anyone judging you, and then at night you get free candy during trick or treating. And who doesn’t like free candy? As you get older, things start to change and trick or treating is not really something done in college, but that doesn’t mean the day can’t be just as fun.

Last year my roommate and I threw a small Halloween gathering where we watched Halloween movies (like Mostly Ghostly and The Corpse Bride) and ate snacks and candy. This year was a bit different. Continue reading

Tips for Choosing Your College Classes

Tips for Choosing Your College Classes | Thoughts&Daisies  Choosing the right classes can make or break your semester, and maybe even your ability to graduate. Follow these tips to keep your stress low and your semester great.

College is oh so different from high school in so many ways. One of the biggest differences is that you choose all of your own classes. While that may be great, it can also be stressful when you aren’t sure how to go about it. Choosing the right classes can make or break your semester, and maybe even your ability to graduate. To lower your stress over this, I am sharing with you my 6 tips to know when choosing your classes.

Check the graduation requirements

Each school and each major has its own specific requirements that must be met to graduate. When choosing your classes for the semester, be sure to take a look at the specific things required of you. Another reason to check the requirements is that certain classes have prerequisites that need to be met before you can even take them.  You don’t want to schedule your classes willy-nilly and not notice you never took that one class you needed to take to graduate until it is too late.

Decide how many credits to take

Continue reading