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Family Filled Fourth of July

The fourth of July is not a holiday that I ever do much for. It tends to be a day of my mom cooking hot dogs, going swimming, and staying in to watch fireworks on tv. Even last year when I had plans, I ended up staying home because I got food poisoning. This year though, we invited my cousins and some close family friends to spend the fourth with us.

We had a ‘fire-sorta-work.’

Holidays at my house are always excuses to sit around, makes jokes, and eat food. A lot of food. Us kids spent the day in the pool, while the adults chatted around the BBQ and cooked. Just some of the food we had includes carne asada, bratwurst, and octopus potato salad. We cover a variety of cuisines at our family gatherings if you couldn’t tell.  

Would it be a family gathering without games and everyone being competitive? Of course not! All nine of us kids piled around the dining room table to duel to the death… aka play spoons and Uno. Although this time we did not have a round of Uno last even close to a whole day. Have you ever played spoons before? It is a favorite among this side of my family. We have had games with up to 20 people before, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

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Eventually, we took the party back outside, to the front yard this time, to play more games and to use the 300 poppers I had bought. They didn’t last very long but we sure had fun trying to do tricks with them. Like my one cousin making it pop off his knee, or you know, throwing them at each other…  In typical July Fourth fashion, we wanted to have fireworks and we did. Well… kind of. As my Nino so eloquently put it we had a ‘fire-sorta-work.’

Stress on the singularity of firework. We had a paper tank popper that my friend’s dad proceeded to salute as it popped and he hummed the national anthem. Cue the giggling from the younger kids and laughter/eye rolling from the other adults. All leading up to the finale of our fire-sorta-work. Happy Fourth everybody!  

Do you have any traditions for the Fourth of July?


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8 Hours in San Francisco

Because it was so -highly- requested (*Waves* Hi Tio W), here’s a snapshot of my 8 hours in San Francisco! On our way back from Lake Tahoe, my family decided to take a small detour to the bustling city of San Fran to see the San Francisco Giants play the Marlins. So we took the three-hour journey from South Tahoe to the city.

We crossed the Bay Bridge into the city where my brother proceeded to play the theme to Full House. If only I knew how to upload videos to the blog. Then you could have seen how proud he was of this. (Anyone know if uploading videos is actually a thing?) We drove up one of the insanely steep roads that always stress me out in case the car starts rolling backward down it like the ‘stang in the Princess Diaries. As usual, that did not happen and we safely made it to our hotel.

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