Bloggers/Instagrammers I’m Loving Right Now

Bloggers/Instagrammers I'm Loving Right Now |Thoughts&Daisies As the month comes to a close I thought I would write a roundup of some Instagrammers and bloggers that I have been into lately. 

As the month comes to a close I thought I would write a roundup of some Instagrammers and bloggers that I have been into lately. 


Autum is someone I have been following since a little after I started my blog. She had close to 10 thousand follows and since then has skyrocketed to a whopping 25.8K. And she deserves every one. Her style and attention to detail are flawless. She works so hard on every one of her posts. She is very genuine with her followers and even does a video of her dancing every time she reaches a new thousand followers. But I mean seriously look at this gorgeous feed.



I found Cecilia’s page over a year ago now and decided to follow her after watching one of her live videos. She is a Catholic faith and fashion blogger and is always so unafraid to show tell the world about Jesus. She is also totally down to post ‘dorky’ photos that show her personality and somehow still look perfect with her feed. Her style rocks and so does her messages.



Kalianna is just a ray of sunshine. Her feed is insanely colorful. Her photos are so unique and she makes the craziest things look so eye-catching and beautiful. Her Instagram color scheme is everything I could dream of. I love the bright colors and how she makes it all pop. She has the coolest heeled boots and did I mention she has a pig named Pumba?



Megan started her account a few months ago and I found her through Kalianna. Her Instagram is also filled with gorgeous colors and she is really sweet and has amazing style. I would love to steal some of her outfits.



Beth Lucy is among one of the first people I started following along with on my blog. She writes about books, fashion, and travel. She works really hard to create her Instagram feed each line is a different theme and I admire her dedication. Her travel blogs give me the itch to go travel but at the moment I live vicariously through her photos 😜



Victoria blogs about college/lifestyle and a lot about travel and all the photos she takes on her adventures are breathtaking. Again, making me want to go see these places for myself. Everywhere she goes looks so fun and beautiful.  


These are just a few of the people I follow. I can’t believe this is the last Saturday of April?? Only three more days of the 30 Day Challenge. Be sure to subscribe to follow along. Let me know what else you would like to see me write about!

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