Back to School- First Week of College

August is here which means… so is the Back to School Season. While it may not be the most exciting time, it sure is busy. Whether you are starting your very first week of college or coming back for another school year, there are things everyone needs to do to be prepared. I start school on Monday (YIKES!) so I wanted to share what I think is important to do for back to school.

~Buy your school supplies~

Because each teacher is different I would recommend waiting to buy the bulk of your supplies after your first day of class. This, however, does NOT mean you shouldn’t be prepared. Having some loose leaf papers, fun highlighters, pens, and pencils, or a laptop should be good to get you through the first couple days.

I like to color coordinate all of my items for each class such as having a green notebook and folder for one class and all blue ones for another. I am also a HUGE fan of having a ton of different colored pens to make my notes look nicer or use to write out my lines from a script.

~Organize your dorm room~

Organize as soon as you can.  As much as cleaning and organizing your room can be annoying and it is no fun to do, by starting out your first week of school with a completely clean and organized room –  you will feel less stressed and will start off the school year right!

~Put your schedule in a calendar ASAP~

After you get your syllabus for each class, WRITE IT ALL DOWN. This is one of the most helpful things to do to make your semester run smoothly. Whether that be writing each thing down in a planner, calendar up on your wall, or set it on a phone calendar to alert you, if you put all the due dates down at the beginning you will have less of a chance of forgetting something.

~Set all your alarms~

I know I am the kind of person who needs to have the wake-up alarm, possibly two back up alarms, and an alarm to remind me that I am already late and need to leave if I expect to get to class. Maybe you are someone who wakes up to their first alarm (if you are please tell me all of your secrets!) but if you set your alarms earlier,  you limit the possibility of forgetting and waking up late for class wondering why it didn’t go off.

~Make a routine and try to stick to it~

The best way to make sure you get everything done for your classes is to create a plan or routine for yourself; then throughout the week do your best to follow it. This does not mean you can’t change things.  Have a plan and at the end of the week go over what worked and what didn’t and make the adjustment. A routine keeps your week running smoothly and minimizes the stress of first week jitters.

I hope this helps you with your first week of school. What other ways do you get ready for back to school?  

Send over your ideas, routines, etc –  I can always use new ones

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