At War with the Squirrels

At War With the Squirrels |Thoughts&Daisies

It seems that there is a theme among college campuses where the squirrels there are just weird. Here in Ohio, we have a TON of squirrels on campus and they can really be strange. Such as being seen eating Takis out of the trash or jumping on your window.


(actual photo of the squirrel that jumped on my window)

I now have begun a war with them. But not in the way you would have thought.

The squirrels’ problem with me is as follows… I have been taking all of their acorns. I know a very strange sentence for someone to be uttering but there is a story behind it. 

My mom likes to decorate the household for all and any event. Fourth of July? Red white and blue everywhere. Halloween? There will be photos of Halloween’s past covering the mantel and pumpkins on the dining room table. So for fall, there is obviously also some sort of decor going up. Craft store leaves and candle holders and this year… she wants acorns. 


And since there are not readily available acorns falling from the sky in southern California I have been tasked with shipping them back from Ohio.

The actual conversation went more like… 

Mom: “It is too early for fall decor even though it is 100degrees here? I’ve gotta find acorns and pinecones”

Me: “There are a million on the ground in the OHIO”

Mom: “Send them to me I’m on a budget”

Me: “I’ll have to fight the squirrels”

Mom: *ignoring the fighting with the squirrels* “I need a gallon size bag full please!”

And there the war was initiated. Thanks to my mom. I am now the girl who randomly has acorns filling the inside pocket of her backpack. The one taking the time to grab handfuls from the ground. The one who the squirrels stare at with their acorns in their mouths and are not at all happy that some are being stolen. 

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While I did not fill the gallon bag what I have better be good enough. Now both my homes will be ready for fall. Though I am beginning to be doubtful that either one will actually experience fall. (Come on Ohio don’t skip straight to winter again I can’t take it!)

Does anyone else decorate their homes for fall? Have you thought to use acorns? 


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2 thoughts on “At War with the Squirrels

  1. Nino

    Hahaha! Bella and I were just cracking up on this acorn crime drama. (I’m 4 months behind on the blog reading, but catching up now!)


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