An Ode to Summer


By the time this is up I’ll be 10,000 ft in the air on my way back to Ohio for the next few months. Which means school back to the land of reality and homework and the impending doom of winter. 

I had a good summer and a MUCH needed break from school and work. 

My roommate visited for a week and I showed her some sites of SoCal like Disneyland and Balboa Park. 


I got to see The Lightning Thief Musical when it toured in San Jose. Now the musical is headed to Broadway next month with the entire original touring cast! Read my spoiler-free review HERE.


Much to the surprise of everyone I went golfing at 6am but could have used a Troy Bolton there to teach me how to not suck at it.

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Foodie Adventures happened which is always one of my favorite days. I could really go for an octopus taco right about now…

The music released these past few months have been totally great and perfect Summer Sounds for all of my summer music needs. 

With all the downtime I had, I was able to catch up on books from my reading list like Alice in Wonderland and Bridge of Clay.  Just to name a few.

But summer as I know it is officially over and I will just have to hold tight to the last few moments of Ohio sun while it lasts. Though every time I close my eyes I’ll be dreaming of the seemingly never-ending California sunshine and missing the smell of ocean breeze more than I ever do the rest of the year. 


While it never feels long enough it wouldn’t be as special if it never-ending. As it goes with all good things.

The summer dresses and shorts will begin to be put away and the coats will be put in their place. And the temperatures will start to cool but we will always have that fleeting memory of summer.

So here’s to the summer breezes, the beach days, the pool floaties, and all the refreshing foods and drinks.

Here’s to sleeping in and those days when you can bum around by the pool all day because you have no responsibilities. 

Summer always feels fleeting and once it’s gone you can only dream about the next year. 

Thank you summer for the memories. See you next year. 


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