8 Hours in San Francisco

Because it was so -highly- requested (*Waves* Hi Tio W), here’s a snapshot of my 8 hours in San Francisco! On our way back from Lake Tahoe, my family decided to take a small detour to the bustling city of San Fran to see the San Francisco Giants play the Marlins. So we took the three-hour journey from South Tahoe to the city.

We crossed the Bay Bridge into the city where my brother proceeded to play the theme to Full House. If only I knew how to upload videos to the blog. Then you could have seen how proud he was of this. (Anyone know if uploading videos is actually a thing?) We drove up one of the insanely steep roads that always stress me out in case the car starts rolling backward down it like the ‘stang in the Princess Diaries. As usual, that did not happen and we safely made it to our hotel.

Our before dinner ‘drinks’ and snacks were had at the Top of the Mark restaurant in the Mark Hopkins Hotel. The view from the top was stunning (and yes I did fight my brother for the chair closest to the window.) My brother and I had some virgin Piña Coladas and a strawberry smoothie. My family then split an order of crab nachos, YUM, before hitting the road and going to the stadium. Our seats at AT&T Park were great, and although the Giants didn’t win… we had a fun night. My brother and I had some clam chowder bowls for dinner at the park. Not the average baseball game meal, but always worth it. My brother and I spent the game commenting on the players and watching the seagulls. 

8 hours in San Francisco just never seems like enough time to do everything I want too. If there had been more time I would have loved to go down to Pier 39 to walk around, see the sea lions, and eat clam chowder at my favorite place. While the time went quickly I had a nice time in San Fran before taking the 9-hour car ride back to SoCal. While I love vacation, I am glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed. So until next time NoCal…

Giants Game

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