I tried Thredup, Here is what you need to know!

5 Reasons you NEED to Check Out Thredup! + a Haul

Is Thredup worthHello Hello! I have been so excited to get this post up! I enjoy shopping for those perfect additions to my wardrobe as much as the next person but I have really been trying to only get things that I know I will use for the long haul AND trying to limit my fast fashion consumption. This is where Thredup comes in.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post I really do just love what I got from there and recommend the site, but… if Thredup wants to sponsor me I would be okay with that.

1. It’s Sustainable

Thredup is a great way to shop for clothing secondhand which is better for the environment. I have started to really like shopping second hand because it makes me feel like my wardrobe is better for the Earth at prices I can afford. (I am sorry beautiful sustainable brands but your price tags are NOT easy to look at) Which takes me to reason number two!

2. You can get great finds for CHEAP!

Every item in this haul I got for under $25 AND they are all in great condition, super cute, and most from brands you and I have actually heard of. A good tip is when you search on Thredup only put the prices you are willing to spend and then go from there. It is definitely helpful because then you won’t see something you feel you can’t live without that is out of your price range and then get sad. 

3. You can thrift shop at home in your pjs

Instead of going to a thrift store and spending all day hoping to find something you can thrift from the comfort of your home. Might as well stay in your pjs too! 

4. Save your favorite/most searched brands

If there are certain brands you LOVE and always want to see the incoming clothes for you can make it a saved search and get emails about the new items from those brands! It can help cut out some of your search time. I love doing this for brands I always window shop online but can never bring myself to spend that kind of money on, this way I can get their items way cheaper!

5. You can find things that still have tags

This is my favorite detail. Some people send in unworn, perfect condition clothes, WITH TAGS! I have scored items like this before and it’s the best! The items are brand new and a fraction of the original price.

Things to note:

-Make sure you know your measurements

This is really helpful when you find an item you like from a brand you aren’t familiar with the fit because most items on Thredup have measurements in the description for the item.

-Read all the descriptions before you make your purchase

Especially if you are looking to see if there is a defect in the condition of the item or if you (like me) want to try and shop for items made of things like cotton or linen.

-They also have an app so you can browse and shop directly from your phone.

 I do prefer to browse on my laptop though because then I can have multiple tabs open to search for specific items.

-Because it’s thrift shopping, know that an item you find could be gone next time you come on the site so be sure to snag those items you just have to have.

Let’s get to the haul!

5 Reasons You NEED to Check Out Thredup!

I got this 100% cashmere Anne Klein top for $22. I love the pink color and this top is SUPER soft. I paired it with Wax Jean brand denim that I also got on Thredup for $8 which was a TOTAL SCORE. It even came with the tags still on. They are the perfect length for shorts and I needed some to wear for the summer meaning they were an absolutely perfect find. I always get scared buying pants online but these fit perfectly and are stretchy. To create a full outfit I threw on my grey converse and called it a day.



This navy polka dot Tommy Hilfiger skirt is another Thredup find for only $13 and I think it is sooo cute. It is in perfect condition and even though it is a more dressy skirt it is a great addition to have in my wardrobe. The gold zipper on the skirt is my favorite thing about it although the waist is slightly too big for me if I wear it high waisted but it isn’t a problem. I went for a monochromatic outfit and paired it with a navy blue peter pan collared top that also has polka dots. I got this top years ago at Kohls and it is from Lauren Conrad’s Disney Minnie Mouse collection. I added my navy Keds to finish off the look.

Thredup Summer Haul! Why you need to check out Thredup!

My absolute favorite thing I have gotten from Thredup is this black Banana Republic wrap dress for only $17.

Thredup Summer Haul!I have wanted a wrap dress and this one is amazing. It makes me feel like I could be in I Love Lucy or dressing like Peggy Carter from Captain America. I threw on my big hat that I talked about in my May Favorites post and added a matching straw bag with embroidered blue flowers that I have had since I was little. I think it was my moms. My espadrille wedges are blush pink but are almost nude so I can get some height and match them with everything. They are from Kohls. 

5 Reasons You NEED to be Shopping on Thredup!

Both my Gap Girlfriend fit jeans ($16) and this brown belt with a big square buckle ($8) are from Thredup. After coming home unexpectedly for quarantine and not having any pants except the one pair I brought with me to Ireland I needed another pair of jeans and I was so excited to get these and that they fit well.

IMG_9757I saw the belt and loved the detail of the buckle being so big and I also needed a belt since all of mine were stuck away at my dorm room in Ohio. I created the outfit around the style of the belt so I thought this peasant style top matched perfectly. I think I got this top last year at Macy’s. I really love the flowyness of the sleeves and the buttons down the front (I am a SUCKER for buttons) plus the flowery pattern is so cute. I threw on my colorful flats that my grandparents brought me from Mexico because I thought it matched the style of the belt well. 


Last but not least I got this Bea & Dot by Modcloth blue gingham dress for $22.

I triedThe best part of this dress is the cute back. The dress gives me a Dorothy vibe so I created a grown up Dorothy inspired outfit by adding my red converse (my favorite shoes!) and braiding the front of my hair with a bow at the end. I also put on a redder lip to tie it all together. If I was going to look like Dorothy I might as well sell it. (For fun, check out the photo I’ve included of me being Dorothy for Halloween when I was 5 at the bottom of this post)


Comment below which outfit was your favorite!

Let me know if you have ever shopped on Thredup and tell me if there are any sustainable sites you love to shop on!

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IMG_9763I shopped Thredup and Here is why you need to also

IMG_9845Thredup, is it worth it?IMG_9571




Thredup Haul, is it worth it?
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  1. Zobbie McMahon

    I’m starting my diet ….Monday…so I can steal the black wrap dress from your closet. Bwaaahahahaaha! I love all outfits, great job!


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