15 Fun Facts About Me

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Coming to the end of the 30 Day Challenge I thought it would be fun to tell you some fun random facts about me!


  1. My favorite food is pozole. Which is a traditional Mexican dish, basically a soup. It is made with hominy- maize kernels that have soaked in a lye or lime solution, and meat usually pork. Then topped to your liking with items like lime, radish, cabbage, onion, and chili. Best served with warm tostadas!  I like the red pozole the most. I will literally eat it for every meal.


 Pretty much every year I ask my grandma to make it for my birthday.

2. I played soccer for 10 years. From age 3 until the end of middle school with one year of the club. It interfered with theater rehearsals so I ultimately quit. Though I do miss playing.


3. My cars name is C3PO. Though he has had a long life and I think his time to go is coming really soon.

4. I played Fiona in Shrek the Musical my sophomore year, besides Mushu in Mulan Jr. it may be my favorite role to date.

5. My favorite ice cream is mint chip. Specifically Häagen-Dazs mint chip. It is the white not dyed green mint chip and it is SO DELICIOUS. Best ice cream.

6. I am not a night person, nor am I a morning person. I am best between 12-3pm. It is a very small window. Though, little me was a morning person, ask my parents 😉

7. I hate hate hate hate spiders. I was ‘trapped’ upstairs one day because there was a big spider on the stairs and every shoe I threw missed, and I was home alone. I always make my brother kill them and he is not always happy about it… like when I wake him up early in the morning to do it.



8. I had pretty much straight hair until about 6th grade where it magically turned curly. Let me tell you I had a bad hair day for about 6 years until I learned that a brush is NOT my friend and it will take 1983741 years to blow dry it partly dry to avoid extreme frizz. I still don’t really know what to do with it.


9. When I first moved to California from Las Vegas everyone would ask me if I lived in a casino.


10. My favorite color is purple and always has been.

11. Cinderella is my favorite princess. And I have been here for halloween multiple times and my mom modeled my Sweet Sixteen dress off of it.


12. I am Pinterest obsessed. I have way too many boards but it is FINE.

13. I thought a plane tarmac was called a tarMAT up until last year.

14. I am a sneakers girl and even bought white converse specifically to wear at my junior prom.

  1. Spring is my favorite season. Which I talk more about >here<


Tell me a fun fact about yourself!
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